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Streamers Biggest Wins – #28 / 2018

Streamers Biggest Wins – #28 / 2018

— Your online casino streaming community.
The biggest slot wins on stream for week 28 of 2018. Including wins by casino streamers from the 9th to the 15th of July 2018.

Currencies compared to £ (British Pound):
£1 = €1.12 (Euro)
£1 = 11.59 kr (Swedish Krona)

Featured streamers:
00:05 — Slotspinner
01:14 — Shirox
02:50 — David Labowsky
06:26 — Jarttuslot
08:31 — Slot Streamers
12:47 — Supersmask
15:43 — Miikapekka

33 комментария

  1. Oh my goodnes what a fake

  2. more fake jartuu = more dislikes.

  3. Why does the big labowsky always repeat himself twice?

  4. oh… oh … ohhh ….. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    haha nice reaction 14:31

  5. There's no place for scammers CG. CG will be shutt down soon again.

  6. Play with your own money.faker!

  7. youtube cleanin up all this scammers finally how can them streamers live with their self

  8. No wonder YouTube is banning casino streamers…….It is getting sad and hard to listen to every time some low I.Q person, hits a big win, screaming with nothing else to say but, swear and curse words. Giving casinos and gambling a bad name……..NO CLASS…..and pushes a lot of people away who don't want to hear that type of language every time there is a win or loss!!……..there are some that don't curse and swear and I give those streamers respect for being polite and respectful to the people watching.

  9. In Jarttu's clip he said he went down to 1k euros and got a 45k win…where is the clip of that? Why show the 12k win instead??

  10. Is Shirox' baby a permanent sleeper? I don't think I've ever seen him speak on any of his clips lol

  11. What's the name of the song at the end?

  12. Nice to play only 50 euro on a Novomatic, one day I will do some high-rolling with 500 euro pr bet 🙂

  13. All they loses much much more that they wins, but when loses dont record

  14. Oh labowsky never mind I have to go and throw up

  15. saw shitrox,instaskipped

  16. Oh how I miss the live streams!!! Damn YouTube!!!

  17. Yesterday 200€ at 40/60 p. One Bonus, 40x.
    That day before Yesterday 200€ in, 40/60p, no Bonus.
    This day before, another 200€ in, 40/60 p, 2 Bonuses paid together 100x.
    Today 200€ in, 60/80p, no Bonus.
    Streamer, Put in 500€ with 100% Bonus and its always normal to Hit 100 of Bonuses at silly stakes. And If Not, the will put in another 500, another 500, another 500.
    Seems pretty rigged

  18. Remove this fucking Shirox

  19. When’s nick slots gonna be back

  20. Awesome job, nice to see the channel back again!

  21. Great wins, congrats!

  22. Fuck labowsky ans Shirox!

  23. So, to win big I just need to become a streamer? Ok…

  24. That cunt playing £50 spins is bullshit. This channel should be shut down. Advertising unrealistic gambling.

  25. Skip from 1:10 to 2:44 if you hate that cunt Shirox.

  26. Is it back permanently ?

  27. When someone wins a bonus on feature drop btg games we could say it's a 1365x. Yet when bought it's a 13x.

  28. Starting with Shitrox and then fucking Jarttu? Yeah cute . instant downvote. Fuck those fake cunts

  29. Why does roshtin never get on you videos

  30. 50€ per spin.. Wow.. Fucking bullshit

  31. Oh… channel back ?

  32. second

  33. 1st

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