Streamers Biggest Wins – #31 / 2018

Streamers Biggest Wins – #31 / 2018

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The biggest slot wins on stream for week 31 of 2018. Including wins by casino streamers from the 30th of July to the 5th of August 2018.

Currencies compared to £ (British Pound):
£1 = €1.12 (Euro)
£1 = $1.30 (US Dollar)
£1 = 11.55 kr (Swedish Krona)

Featured streamers:
00:05 — Rex Borgersen
03:35 — MiikaPekka
04:11 — Huggehugg
07:09 — CasinoReggie
08:49 — Jake’s slots
11:34 — Slotspinner
14:15 — Shirox
15:19 — Nickslot [ad_2]

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  1. Nice roulette hit at the end

  2. Rex doesnt look like hes dying homeless or starving so why he taking donations :/

  3. People say streamers get big wins because of the amount of spins they do on a weekly basis makes them more likely to get a big win ….so for example you have a genuine streamer in rocknrolla who hasnt had a good hit on the slots in an absolute age but yet does as many spins as anyone … makes no sense i dont care what anyone says half these big wins are staged by slot providers and the streamer gets a payment for the advertisment of the win …. its completly possible before anyone says it isnt … how the fuck else can casino grounds make this video every week with the exact same guys featuring every week … i dont care how many spins any one does you could get one good hit and not hit again for 6 months regardless of how many spins

  4. 100% rigged for the watchers

  5. Basically just a charity upload for your mates who are feeling the pinch without YouTube . Sign up links all over this video

  6. shirox can just go jump front of a train

  7. Fake money Nick Slots

  8. first one that fat man who wins on fat rabbit that kind of wins just happens when you stream giggity

  9. Shirox and Nick… FAKE

  10. my best best Today.

  11. Rex Rerard Borgessen. Say anymore bitch

  12. Does slotspinner not realise how much of a day he looks with those shades

  13. what happens with jartu i cant see him youtube channel i love that slotplayer

  14. I was all set to actually upvote this video.
    And then 14:15 happened.

  15. Some excellent hits and a nice win on railroad for you, congrats Reggie and the other streamer's.

  16. reggie is only normal here

  17. Congrats everyone!!

  18. hi, i will to start play some slots for frist time, can somebody recomend feew online casino?

  19. saw shitrox,instaskipped

  20. affiliated bullshit

  21. Great hits, congrats to all winners!

  22. To skip Shirox (the moaning cunt);
    At 14:13 skip to 15:15

  23. That Georgie Porgie slot trolled the crap out of me once, with a 4 scatter trigger and a retrigger and it never hit a single win.

  24. I made nicks vid in chat woooo

  25. Nice wins There again

  26. Outro song?

  27. What's it with streamers always going big on 11 then it just gets sucked in to 11 for huge payouts.. like they know it's coming..

  28. Shirox sucks

  29. Streaming = huge wins…

  30. What are the lines on that Georggie Porrgy slot ? He didnt even win on the / lines….

  31. so strange to watch a streamer who doesnt talk

  32. Just make a different playlist for BTG slots already, damn its boring to watch and takes forever lol

  33. Shirox needs therapy to fix his lack of emotions that was 2000x win pretty sure me along with 90% plus gamblers would regress into cave man mode if we hit it fuck me what a hit.

  34. first

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