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Streamers Biggest Wins – #40 / 2019

Streamers Biggest Wins – #40 / 2019

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The biggest slot wins on stream for week 40 of 2019. Including wins by casino streamers between the 30th of September and the 6th of October 2019.

Featured streamers:
00:05 — SuperSmask — Jammin’ Jars
03:16 — The Bandit — Magic Mirror Deluxe II
03:52 — Slotspinner — Razor Shark
05:49 — CasinoLand — The Dog House
08:40 — Cazinovaz — Crystal Ball
11:04 — Daskelelele — Gods of Olympus
15:37 — OmegaSlots — Who wants to be a Millionaire
17:51 — MiikaPekka — Lil’ Devil
20:35 — LetsGiveItASpin — Reactoonz [ad_2]

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  1. Who is this ‘we did it’ who is we exactly

  2. These videos are a disgrace every big winner is a regular affiliate streamer other than the bandits I don’t think any are real you never see never ever see a normal person just playing who’s happens to take a screen shot of the big win. These videos should be banned from you tube as they are basically lying to people.

  3. I played slots for years online and the wins these streamers get regularly are far from reality only player I like is the bandit he tells you how it is and shows you the reality

  4. Songname 11:10 Plz and Thank you! <3

  5. The corruption going on with online casino and streamers it doesn't surprise me these wins are so regular, just look at the corruption they did with captain Davo

  6. Lil Kim with the win…

  7. Fake money bandit featured? instant dislike.

  8. Oh wow look, a new Game and Miikapekka gets a +1.000x even if he choose the Crap Side that no1 takes, thats so new and so not fake and never happened before

  9. Daskelelelellelelelelele <3

  10. Wait until next week to see what daske did on temple of tresure… you will lost your mind!

  11. Minute 6:25 MeMe Brazilian hahahahahaha top

  12. Why they didn’t include streamer as Casinodaddy, Roshtein ecc?

  13. Is there anything more annoying than when Kim repeats words over and over?,i like the guy and his streams but that gets annoying lol

  14. Remember affiliate money is fake money,its not their own money.

  15. Bandit is the man, different level to all the others

  16. ding ding ding

  17. Wonder if other countries will not have the bonus buy option in time?

  18. daskelele looks like a different person
    wtf happened?

  19. The big shaq boom made me laugh soo hard. It was soo unexpected.

  20. Congrats on finally beating garga Kim! Next we get it on a split deposit 😀

  21. Nice to see Lil' Devil pays somebody! haha

  22. Hello my dear uploaders!

  23. first

  24. Salika

  25. Third

  26. first!
    (edit : few second late… second :/ )

  27. first

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