Streamers Biggest Wins – #41 / 2019

Streamers Biggest Wins – #41 / 2019

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The biggest slot wins on stream for week 41 of 2019. Including wins by casino streamers between the 7th and the 13 of October 2019.

Featured streamers:
00:05 — Daskelelele — Temple of Treasure
05:09 — Gamble_Gangsta — Razor Shark
08:07 — JJCasino — Jammin Jars
09:24 — Gambling Bros — Legacy of RA
11:03 — Vzoo — Battle Royal
12:50 — CASINOVAZ — Rise of Merlin
14:55 — OnlineCasinoRanger — Lil Devil
17:12 — Nickslots — Safary Gold Megaways
20:56 — Rottwitts — 300 Shields Extreme
22:32 — Rex Borgersen — CHI [ad_2]

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  1. A lot of these guys is fake they don’t even get excited about winning 10k and above they need to go to acting school if they wanna fool the viewers

  2. Like videos with really big gambling wins.

  3. Show by me

  4. Jord at Chipmonkz Slots hit 1000x on Book of Ra this week.. Hope it gets featured in the next video

  5. How ist the last game called?

  6. that chi hit holy shit lol

  7. Nice win! Me and the rest of the loosers paid for it 🙂

  8. Be very careful of these streamers people, I’ve been a big slot fan for many years, I maxed the board with the best premium on cashino twice, won ‘fu de Lao’ £8888 maxi, won £11k on ‘who wants to be a millionaire about a month ago (video on my channel) however that’s like 10 years of playing to receive just a handful of notable wins. Here’s the real truth behind these streamers, they are paid a small wage, given an account with fake money in. This account is a ‘hot’ account, which means they are much more likely to hit big wins. It’s actually false advertisement but they get a pass on a loophole by saying they are just showcasing the games. In reality yes you can hit these huge sums as I did the other week but trust me when I say that if your lucky enough to even get a bonus the average is x50 your bet. I’m not saying people don’t win they can, but not as often as these lot do….you have been warned

  9. Surprise surprise, Nick gets another huge win on a new slot. Anyone that still believes this nonsense should register themselves as mentally handicapped.

  10. Then they all went out and picked up women and got laid like the ballers they r except prick slots he wasn't invited

  11. The amount of little bitches that defend streamers is laughable.

  12. That lil devil bonus was crap in comparison to the 28,700x bet 50c, I got last Friday all I have is a screen shot of the result, and the €14,368.95c I retriggers it 3 times and the only box not filled was the bottom right most one the angels were 12×12 for the last 4 spins and it wasn't even a heart stopper bonus just a regular one with Jack's as the wild. I'm still blown away by it the 1st spin where the angels were 12×12 had a purple jewel up front and went for over 5kwith the last 3 going for between 2,500 and 3,500 depending on the simbols. I'm working on getting a copy of it from paddy Power as I'm sure it will be a contender for the tesla draw? I'm still blown away! 28,738 x 50c bet! Unbelievable luck!

  13. I lose around 750 euro a day. These guys seem to win 5k every upload…

  14. all fake money lol

  15. Nice one! First time seeing someone else beside me getting that 10 000x on Chi, but his betsize is 10x bigger than mine HOLY HELL congrats!

  16. What sites still let you bonus buy?

  17. After watching these videos always wanna try to get a big win.

  18. PSML… love how Chipmonkz appeared on Nick Slot's video. "Don't tell Chipmonkz!"

  19. Omg this german language

  20. 1st clip temple one- fake money

  21. First one so fake wasn’t even that bothered he won over 20k absolute whopper

  22. They don't even looked surprised anymore, the amount of time streamers wins now is way unrealistic

  23. omg them retriggers on temple jealous me lol

  24. Rex if you know Monty Python your a "Lucky Lucky B@stard" GG you completed the game sir. The edits on these videos always make me smile.

  25. Congrats to all! Rex hit the 1 and only 10,000x hit on Chi we'll ever see. Lol

  26. I hate the game, but that Chi hit was awesome! haha

  27. Legend Borgersen 😀

  28. The first guy sounds just depressed, imagine having +5500€ profit from that day and awesome bonus aswell, defimetly not his money.

  29. Uurgh i hate it when getting late for the first comment. (well. I'm on the stream chat from nickslots! :))

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