Streamers Biggest Wins – #48 / 2018

Streamers Biggest Wins – #48 / 2018

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The biggest slot wins on stream for week 48 of 2018. Including wins by casino streamers between the 26th November and 2nd of December 2018.

Featured streamers:
00:05 — Rex Borgersen
02:19 — David Labowsky
04:22 — LetsGiveItASpin
08:47 — BlackCatSeven
10:47 — The Bandit
19:13 — NickSlots

Featured games:
Temple Of Secrets
Rise Of Olympus
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Jammin Jars [ad_2]

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  1. Nice

  2. Dickslots is a total knob

  3. Its remarkable to look at guys at David Labowsky. His first videos he was going bonkers just winning 500 euro. The gambling addiction has probably kicked in now because he can't even get excited voor 3200 euro anymore. Close the PC mate, refind the joy and come back, its starting to take over.

  4. 20:23 if you need good ear care

  5. Getting desperate with these 400/ 500x wins. Zzzzz…

  6. Stipend video

  7. We love Kim and Reggie <3

  8. im sick of hearing of letsgiveitaspin say hello all the time and high fiving ohhh will you just fuck off you pair of bellends

  9. gotta love when they bring in jarttu HELLO

  10. the gatu HALLO is just always the most amazing thing

  11. Haha 😀
    I like your videos more and more <3

  12. The Yorkshire skank ruins it again… and that weasel labowsky haha what a drip.

  13. And LeBidule ??? 10.000$ with a 2$ bet

  14. Wanna punch that labowsky gay face

  15. Davidlabowsky winds me up big time hate that dude

  16. Whoopa ninja nice wins

  17. Nothing annoys me more than those guys constantly high fiving.

  18. Kimster and reggiester need a good punch in the face both.

  19. 7:03 that jarttu edit 😀

  20. Remember affiliate money is fake money,its not money you earned yourself.

  21. Maybe they can afford to get the kickboards of the kitchen finished in the squat they’re living in

  22. The Scott Steiner bit on Bandits bonus was brilliant

  23. Have people still not realized yet that more spins doesn't = good outcome. you can get an amazing win on 5 spins and shit win on tons of spins, and vise versa.

  24. 909x for 48 spins ?

    40 spins are awesome but 909x… come on

  25. "almost a thousand x"

  26. Nice wims. I got 2490x win last night on jammin jars on 40p stake with only 2 jars in play was buzzing. No footage sorry guys wasn't expecting it

  27. The guy in the seat on nicks jamming jars win is mr casino grounds himself, mr fruit warp, aka skylined87 !

  28. 50 spins and not even 1000x, i would be slightly pissed, but well played anyways.

  29. eeee..

  30. First one

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