Streamers Biggest Wins – #8 / 2019

Streamers Biggest Wins – #8 / 2019

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The biggest slot wins on stream for week 8 of 2019. Including wins by casino streamers between the 18th and 24th of February 2019.

Featured streamers:
00:05 — NickSlots
03:18 — Spintwix
04:55 — Casinoland
07:18 — Craig Slots
08:13 — Slotspinner
10:46 — Apppehehe
12:09 — LetsGiveItASpin
13:46 — Huneasd
15:37 — Dmcjordan
16:11 — Slotspinner

Featured games:
Jammin’ Jars
Wild falls
Lucky Little Gods
Book of Ra
Spinal Tap
Book of Dead
Ecuador Gold
Three Card Poker [ad_2]

29 комментариев

  1. halarious troll face had me laughing

  2. Slotspinner really need to stop smoking xD

  3. the zooming in is getting worse

  4. ахах джордан попал))

  5. Since slotspinner moved to Malta, he became sudenly fake like roshass.


  7. Congrats on all the winners of the Week!
    Greetings from Germany.
    P.S my Good Friend got a nice big hit on book of Dead.

  8. Where were the subtitles from the Finnish dudes? :O Those always get me to tears!

  9. OMFG delete Spintwix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Delete him

  10. Damn that spinal tap win was only 800x with essentially a full screen of the top symbol

  11. Please loock one video in youtube "luckyslots" guy won 590000x

  12. Does it make anyone else sick when the spin guy says it never happens, no it always happens for you you scamming scumbag, it is us it doenst happen for, go and fuck yourself

  13. jesus fuck slotspinner -100 IQ

  14. 11:20 he's literally saying "come to daddy's lap", that'd been a funny subtitle x)

  15. If Nick landed that strawberry it was 8.00x10x12x15=14400

  16. Slotspinner is using tramadol 100%

  17. Guys I’m new to online slots, what website do they play these games on? I wanna invest 200 a month just playing casually

  18. I really love how Mika Häkkinen is celebrating his win on Reactoonz at 11:24

  19. Russian guy LuckySlots win mega jackpot in divine fortune for 0,3€ bet.he is win X almost x60000,I think if you showed him that’s be cool.

  20. Dmcjordan the best!!!

  21. Love the Book of Ra win with the CG gang over there 😀

  22. As always great video , it was entertaining thank you…

  23. 13:25..
    It literally writes..
    BET (KR) 1350
    48 WAYS = 21600
    Hows that 800x???

  24. Lets beat slots today! ))) Ha ha ha… good play and good win for today!
    However I also play slots, but you realy made a show from your play! Good luck next time Nick!

  25. Keyrings, fudge, Ronza and Jars of Jam everywhere………….. even Gargatoon joined the party………. good luck to all.

  26. i appreciate the troll face edit lmaoo 2:18

  27. 5,6,7 of the same suit is a straight flush in 3 card poker….
    Easy noticeable unless you are completely stupid in this case I think Slotspinner was lol

  28. hahaha "Slotspinner that is a straight flush" LMAO

  29. Poker player level: Slotspinner 😀 Congrats! Awesome hit!

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