Sun and Moon Slot — SUPER BIG WIN! — Slot Machine Bonus

Sun and Moon Slot — SUPER BIG WIN! — Slot Machine Bonus

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Have you missed my S&M segments? Well, not to fear…here is another one. As usual Sun and Moon doesn’t disappoint. Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, share, subscribe and tweet. Your support is appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy!

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24 комментария

  1. I wish other tapers would copy your style of not waiting for each win to run out — just hit the button!!! Thanks

  2. Thanks for another great video! 🙂
    A Long Time Fan,
    Wolfy 🙂

  3. Congrats CM, this oldie but goodie one of my favorites also…

  4. Awesome nice bonus

  5. Great win on $2 bet. I was playing a $.25 version of this hit 50 free spins on first bet of $2.25 and walked away with about $270 when it was over… lol so I commend your great luck and bonus! Keep it up ♡

  6. Thanks for sharing, Great Win!

  7. Just knew that was going to be a good bonus! The Sun and moon were popping up like crazy! Congrats on the big win!

  8. So does anything really pay on this other than the triggering/re-triggering symbols? Seems to me 80% of your win here was all on those.  Is that what you hope for on this game? I've never played it for some reason.

  9. Mike, wonderful bonus and win on Sun and Moon! I wish it treated me like it does you. I can show the opposite spectrum of a win on Sun and Moon from my last trip, LOL!

  10. I hate you and this game! LOL  J/K  But seriously though, I was considering this one as the monthly challenge till you changed my mind, thanks! 

  11. WOWZA!! And it just kept the Retriggers coming!!! Very NICE !!! GREAT Video!!!!

  12. And another awesome Sun & Moon bonus, Congrats!!!

  13. Another great win — congratulations! I really like this slot.

  14. I have played this forever but never figured out why sometimes the initial heads give you $100 and other times $200 also can you explain what you meant at 3:59 when you said the K Q symbol is the only one not guaranteed to be S and M its replacement is always a head. I assume the K stands for king and Q is for queen and S and M stands for sun and moon but not sure what you meant. Thanks for the vlogs.

  15. Another one! You really do love the S&M LOL. Love how the triggering 5 bonus symbols can pay out big (sometimes more than the bonus spins!). Congrats

  16. Congrats on the Big Win!!

  17. Congrats on your big win

  18. Mike, you're great at this slot.  Wish I could find it near me in AZ

  19. You do make it look easy, great video. Congrats!

  20. WOW! Great win Mike! You own this game! A BIG congrats to you!

  21. Loved watching this Mike, always brings good memories. This game is so good to you, you make it look so easy! Congratulations on your big win

  22. Nice one!

  23. The love of your life.  Always good to you. Congrats!!

  24. I need to try this again. It can be a real beast, but obviously you've had some luck….worth another shot!

    Great video, as ALWAYS.

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