** SUPER BIG WIN ** 5 Dragons Gold ** n Others **Watch till the end for surprise ** SLOT LOVER **

** SUPER BIG WIN ** 5 Dragons Gold ** n Others **Watch till the end for surprise ** SLOT LOVER **

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  2. You win in everything.

  3. At the end when you go to the store to redeem your win I saw that cigarettes are $5.47 a pack…same pack here in Australia $28 !!

  4. Hey is this a real slot machine

  5. Nice Line Hit !!!!!

  6. nice video good luck friend

  7. on that poker you had a full house that is bigger then a straight deary

  8. Jhu

  9. Tio Eres Gay ???

  10. Happy Belated Birthday and nice win

  11. ɷ Heeyy Friendss I Have Foundd W0rikinggggg Online Hacck visitttt : — https://t.co/iXJ01QQgj9

  12. nice hand may frand

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9JclGhiiBI she is stealing all ur videos and everyone elses will speard word

  14. 5.47 for Marlboro smokes wtf where is this so cheap

  15. Boy that guy at the counter was so hot. Wtg on the win

  16. which casino is this at?

  17. dude, you have hands like teenwolf!

  18. the attitude of the guy working in the gas station was priceless… he does not give a shit about your win. congratulations!

  19. Garbage wins

  20. Does stand alone machine gives more winnings?

  21. Really annoying when you keep stating the obvious win size, how many games are left to play and the stupid ..almost another re trigger !! It is or isn't a retrigger. I once was 2 numbers short of winning the lottery, I almost won!!

  22. Nice birthday surprise, Jacob — a $100 scratcher win. I'm sorry I'll miss watching your scratcher give-away video tomorrow — I'm going to a Native American casino and will stay overnight, so I won't know if anyone won until Thursday afternoon later. It will be something to look forward to while I'm away. Your video was nice — my favorite game was the 5 Dragon Gold game, but you won money on all the ones you played. It's always nice to win because then you can play again — hope I have good luck the next two days too.

    About subtitles: Sometimes subtitles are good and help us understand the game. Sometimes they are funny (like the ones Kuri puts on her films which make her games more entertaining.) You should follow your instincts on whether you have them or not — don't worry so much about what viewers want. It's not possible to make everyone happy. Make yourself happy. : )

  23. That guy was kind of a jerk.  Anyway,  I liked your vids.  Nice wins SL!

  24. Nice hits and Happy belated Birthday!!!!!

  25. Good wins! I am sorry there are stupid people in this world, you keep doing you and the subtitles don't bother me all.

  26. I think you and Dianaevoni are my favorite gamblers to watch. It seems like you have a lot of fun 🙂

  27. wow thanks for sharing great hit on the five dragons

  28. Awesome slot and ticket win ! Was it me or was the clerk a little rude?

  29. Sweet win on ticket… See your a lucky boy… lol…

  30. Which one was the super big win?

  31. Is this the future of slot videos? Recording in gas and convenience stores? 🙂 Congrats!

  32. Damn Boy! You couldn't go "All Up" on 88 fortunes?! Loved your 5 dragons win!

  33. aren't you the lucky ducky! lol


  35. I'm sorry to hear that you got negative messages, but haters will be haters! Having an accent just means that English is not your native language. If they can't understand, look at the screen! People can be so ignorant! Arggg…Don't worry, I can understand you fine, but I'd rather concentrate on the game going on than on the subtitles, that's all. Nothing to do with you per say. I appreciate your videos and I enjoy them very much. Don't listen to stupid people. Thanks and good luck! 😉

  36. yeah I did and if you have Twitter or something follow me on there and ill give you some tips and tricks it's @giitchingmaniac

  37. Happy birthday To You Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday To Slot Love Happy Birthday To You!!

  38. nice video!! keep them coming

  39. cool

  40. Great wins, keep the videos coming!

  41. I loved it !!! Especially 5 dragons gold won !! I like scratch too !!
    You got nice birthday gift !!

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