**SUPER BIG WIN** Alice in Wonderland BONUS MAX BET Slot Machine

**SUPER BIG WIN** Alice in Wonderland BONUS MAX BET Slot Machine

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Thanks so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, haha.

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  1. Let me get this right..”HORRAY” Brian!

  2. 63 fuck yeah lol

  3. Hey Brian nice hits, is this game still at the Bellagio or any other hotel on the strip

  4. Is this game still in Vegas and where did you play

  5. Nice win!!! Another one of my favorite childhood characters….must play next time I'm in Vegas

  6. suerte mi amor.

  7. I can watch these video's of Brian for hours before going to sleep, seriously. After that I sleep very well, haha

  8. I love this slot could you play it again soon Brian!!

  9. Hey Brian, love your videos. RUDE!! My problem is I always win at first, but keep playing and usually leave with nothing. Nothing better than a machine going your way

  10. Too bad it isn't like Monopoly, the retriggered spins hold the picked multiplier.

  11. Nice win! I heard they had this, at my casino I go too. I wanted to check out a video on it. Your video pop up, that what got me watching your video's which are awesome!

  12. Haha at 1:47 I thought that was a dildo coming up on the screen , just to the left of the free games remaining number .
    Any how , nice win Brian

  13. when you get 20x but nothing hits

  14. Very nice bonus!

  15. looks interesting! Too bad those 10x picks didnt treat you better! May look this one up in November

  16. That was a good viedo BC says the East Coast

  17. nice win

  18. 10X on full line of potions. Do they make a potion for Jackpots? Drink Me!!!! GULP! GULP! GULP!

  19. Wow… That was a mega big win 🙂

  20. which casino was this?

  21. dirty…

  22. wow you two danced all night long huh

  23. I'd heard mr. 10 times was in the house lol spectacular!

  24. excellent

  25. Nice win Brian, but I thought that was messed up when you got 12x and you didn't get a single hit on it, aww..lol. Overall good game.

  26. Wow, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. This machine for me normally sucks big ones lol….well done Brian, well done.

  27. Pretty sweet

  28. What's with the teapot that looks like a penis.

  29. Nice!

  30. You kept picking such great mulitpliers. Great bonus!

  31. Now I know who won all the money I lost on this game, congratulations !!

  32. That was a nice Bonus. And excellent picking!

  33. 10 Times!!!

  34. Here, have a sub! 🙂

  35. Be Sure to Thank God for that 532. Fail.

  36. Very nice win! Congrats to you!!!

  37. Nice win!!

  38. This game is so hard, but the potential is enormous. Great win!

  39. great win on this.. tough game for big wins

  40. Sweet bonus!!

  41. this is a hard bonus to hit on.. good job!

  42. I don't typically play the women slots, but sometimes it pays to play them..Good win!

  43. great vid

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