Super Big Win Mega Big Win Slot Bonus Marathon with Roulette

Super Big Win Mega Big Win Slot Bonus Marathon with Roulette

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  1. Super

  2. interesting to see how you have changed over 2 years..great usual.lacks your 2018 commentary humour…

  3. 2 grand balance and you're messing around with 80p spins. Unsubbed.


  5. Great to see a bonus packed vid off last year Bandit!
    I loved all the Bruce Lee bonuses as well. I used to play it loads.
    I once got four wilds but was on 30p stake. It paid me 300x.

    Have Casumo confirmed I used ur link yet? Soz I can't remember.

  6. Watching some lap videos lol

  7. Another great vid my friend love ur channel u need to get a few bandit tshirts printed and give them away as bumper prizes
    Plz can u play hansel and gretel if u get a chance plz

  8. Nothing like watching an old bandit vid ! first time on G.O.T before you realised the copyright wankers would mute it haha ! forget how long i've been watching now until i look back at theese vids

  9. bullshit website you get sponsored to play on this shit ?

  10. Igt absolutely trashed q great concept this machine aswell as the ones in las what's are utter Shite huge poor returns playability and fair play is out the window many fixed and non random features defo not worth the 50p min to play should be 20p min
    The only feature you have a chance at is Louis and that's it the clam is rigged to payout a poor return on every play and the chicken RUBBISH is similar so sad that igt got the make rights on family guy most of there machines are poor

  11. leovegas is fucking shit casumo is the one regardless of the deposit fee i have won over 3k from them

  12. Have you ever got to the end on aliens mate? If so do you know which video? Thanks

  13. Great Vid,have you ever played the wild chase?

  14. Just to explain the gaps in the audio, I had to remove the sound of a few copyrighted songs, never expected that lol

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