SUPER BIG WIN!! MY BIGGEST Ruby Slippers 2 Slot Win EVER!!!!

SUPER BIG WIN!! MY BIGGEST Ruby Slippers 2 Slot Win EVER!!!!

[ad_1] Believe it or not, this initially-forgettable hit represents my BIGGEST WIN EVER on Ruby Slippers 2. SDGuy and Diana were next door. SDGuy was gnashin’ his teeth in jealousy. BYE FELICIA!!!!! 🙂 I could not BELIEVE how much I won for a one-bubble bonus.

ARIA LAS VEGAS. Max Bet $4.00. [ad_2]

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  1. Have u ever won a million dollars?

  2. OH WOW VERY NICE!!! GOOD JOB BRENT!!! Now where the hell is this machine because i went to planet hollywood an bellagio and they removed the freaking glenda and woz machines out for some reason.. i was so pissed

  3. it appears to me one of the first things you do is turn your volume up on the machine before you play. I do the same its a must EVERY time! nice win also you are doing a great job on the show.

  4. You deserve it more than that bossy bottom!  CONGRATS!

  5. Thumbs up!  Nice hit Brent!

  6. I think you would look good in red slippers

  7. Nice one! Gotta love when the number gets bigger and bigger and you don't know when it's gonna stop! 😛

  8. Brent, you need to find a Price is Right slot (if they are still around) and let Brian try and win a dinette set! Haha. Show him how it's done

  9. Super nice win. Congrats.

  10. Fantastic.
    Lined up nice for you.

  11. thanks for your response!!!    😉

  12. Awesome win!  Congrats, well deserved. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Congrats! I'm glad to see you get a big win! 🙂

  14. Awesome hit! It's the best to get a great payout on favorites 🙂

  15. Good job Brent! That was a great win with just one wild on the 4th column

  16. Ruby Slippers 2 has been disappointing with the wins.   I wish I took video in 2012, I hit $1,600 on RS1 twice (.80 x 2 x 5 bubbles.)   I play $4.80 and I don't win crap.

  17. Great line up with the wilds and 5x. Nice! Congrats. 🙂

  18. great hit bud !! i thought i saw a hp on this game on ur channel no?

  19. Gosh, I never heard Diana so demanding than in this video LOL. You did fabulous Brent! Congrats!

  20. ShaBAM! She put out like it's fleet week, honey.

  21. Nice one Brent! That 5x helped a lot!

  22. Way to go Brent! Awesome win.

  23. I'll bet SDGuy was plenty jealous, huh ! Great win Brent!

  24. good job!

  25. Nice win!

  26. Wow that was crazy, congrats Brent. Hearing the sdguy meow was icing on the cake, since he's always giving ya a hard time in his videos.

  27. yea! that's awesome!! I would not have guessed it would be that much this game is sneaky!! :))

  28. Wow is right! Congratulations


  30. FELICIA!!!!!!!

  31. Brent I love watching your WoZ videos. I hope you have many more to share! Nenshee21

  32. Good job Brent. I can feel big relief. 🙂
    Surprised to see this game still around.

  33. That was a fun session. Wish Glinda hadn't let SDGuy and me down. Congrats again on that win!

  34. What an awesome Glinda hit with only one wild reel congrats to you

  35. What a nice surprise hit, that's one generous bubble! Congrats! Love the taunting meows lol!

  36. wow real nice mang congrats did u wipe up sd guy tears

  37. just a question for you…….what time is a good time to go to a casino….I live in Pittsburgh, and is it better to go after 2pm or later????     😉

  38. Great win!!! I would have NEVER expected that win with only 1 bubble…that's when I hit the machine in disgust usually lol. Nice one, Brent! And I can just hear SDguy wincing from this video lol.

  39. Nice hit Brent!… Who's Felicia?

  40. Way to go Brent!!!!!

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