Super Big Win on Wild Bubbles @ Max Bet by Slot Lover

Super Big Win on Wild Bubbles @ Max Bet by Slot Lover

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3. Red Hawk, CA

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28 комментариев

  1. Why are you not doing the extra feature where she blows the bubbles? That's the way to go. Or did this machine not have that feature?

  2. Dr Patel is that you?

  3. Last time I promise
    EMPEROR not EMPROR (its ON the game)


    Sorry but its a pet peave

  5. its called OCEAN MAGIC not WILD BUBBLES

  6. you guys don't even have on the bubble boost. she puts out easily twice as many bubbles. right hand lower corner, touch the mermaid to "boost"

  7. Played this for the 1st time today. Loved it!!

  8. Bob Marley real situation

  9. Hit the stupid machine! is a f*king rob xD

  10. nice win request u play longhorn deluxe or buffalo deluxe

  11. Sexy thumb SL 😉

  12. Awesome win! That's first game looked good! Would of like to see what happened in the bonus!

  13. but nice win

  14. some one got all the blue ball yesterday so hopefully they put on here

  15. Great bonuses 🙂 so many wilds on that first hit 😀

  16. I swear at 4:09 I thought that was $1000!

  17. So many games, and every one of them a winner. It's hard to pick the one I like best… Wild Bubbles, I guess. Which was your favorite SL ? I bet it's always the one with the biggest win, isn't it? : )

  18. Those were sweet bonuses

  19. can I know what you do for a living

  20. The bubble game. Looks very fun. Nice hit on it.

  21. Nice wins! Congratulations!

  22. can you play 5 treasures?

  23. That emperor treasure looks nice! Especially for cash explosion they are usually not reel power.

  24. nice wins

  25. Cool. I will definitely keep an eye out for that bubble game. Looks very interesting.

  26. Great bonus win on all these slots!  Excellent.

  27. looks like Digitonic 1 is in the spam folder again

  28. Nice wins bro thumbs up

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