Super Jackpot Party Slot — BIG WIN BONUS, AWESOME!!!

Super Jackpot Party Slot — BIG WIN BONUS, AWESOME!!!

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It’s all about the bonus in Super Jackpot Party, which is triggered by landing bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5. Upon doing so you enter a «Pick» bonus where you choose up to 43 presents! Each present can be a credit value between 1 and 20 times your total bet, a specialty feature, or a «Pooper». If you choose a Pooper, you get one final chance to choose a «Party Saver» from a Party Favor pick of 5 choices. If you find a Party Saver, your bonus continues or if not, it’s over.

There are 3 specialty features in Super Jackpot Party:
1. Party Animal Feature: Between 1 and 3 picks are awarded where all awards are multiplied. Possible awards include: 1 pick at 3x, 2 picks at 3x, 3 picks at 3x, 1 pick at 5x, or 1 pick at 10x.

2. Dance Bonus: You will be awarded between 8 and 57 times your total bet.

3. Whack-a-Pooper: Initially you are award 3 rounds where each round awards between 2 and 5 times your bet. One additional round is awarded for each «Extra Whack» revealed up to 20 spins in total.

There are two points of interest with Super Jackpot Party: if you find the Party Animal Feature, any Pooper symbol you choose for one of your picks has no effect, as you will see! In addition, if you choose one of the other special special features, its total will also be multiplied, as you will also see! While very hard to do, it’s possible to find a 10x multiplier, and then be awarded the top award for the Dance Party for a total of 570x your total bet! Truth be told, I’m not sure what happens if you find two Party Animal Features in succession, does anyone know? Enjoy!

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  1. I really like your videos, I have watched about 10 or 20 give or take. Thanks for your videos.

  2. I played this when I was 21 and I got the block party and was betting 1.20 and won like 400.00 it was awesome

  3. I think to eliminate getting those stinking poopers, pick them on the Multiplier Bonus. You did a great job eliminating several of them on that bonus.

  4. How come you always win?

  5. I was hoping you would knock out all the poopers when you had that 3x card in play… I would love to see you clear the entire board!! Great pickin!!

  6. Amazing hit, congrats!

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  18. Wow! Great job my friend! Possibly the best I have seen thus far!

  19. Wow.  $376.  Looks like you're the life of the party.  This is a fun game, and you can make some money with the right picks — and a few party savers.  Fun times.

  20. Amazing picking! Congratulations! I wonder if anyone has picked all the poopers with the multiplier bonus and cleared the board?

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  28. Went from almost a slap in the face, to complete awesome! Great win!

  29. That was an awesome bonus

  30. This was one of my top five games to play

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  40. Real fun game…I use to play this but haven't seen it for a long time. Glad you did well. More good luck to you! 🙂

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