SUPER MEGA BIG WIN on Book of Dead!!

SUPER MEGA BIG WIN on Book of Dead!!

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Book of Dead with an absolute immense comeback from the last spin of the balance to ..?
Very rare fullscreen Book of dead!

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Outro Song(if existing): Codeko — Crest[NCS Release] [ad_2]

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  1. Why 5 lines?

  2. how that can be a happen with 5lines ?, 10lines fullscreen is 2000X

  3. HALLO!

  4. GL <3

  5. Desi will be pulling 5k live views every time she goes live soon just watch!

  6. Well done desi xxx

  7. + -+-+—++—-+++++———————+++++++++++++——————————————————————————————————————————

  8. Hallllllllooooooooo

  9. If that was my chick that won me that I would pick her up chuck her over the desk and give it to her right there and then!! maybe best to turn the stream off 1st lol great vid

  10. Desi on fire! <3

  11. Wow best Comeback i ever seen
    Nice one
    Und grüße nach Malta

  12. Desi ur ass is so fucking good!

  13. Desi winning all the money as always

  14. Amazing win x

  15. SICK! And down to €1 as well! EPIC comeback!

  16. well done !!!!

  17. nice shorts 😛

  18. круто

  19. Very very nice hit desi❤️

  20. Comeback of the millennium!!

  21. Epic comeback gongratz

  22. Down to 1 euro and came back to win THAT. Charmed life. 🙂

  23. Congrats Desi!!!!

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