Superman 2 Max Bet Bonus BIG WIN!!

Superman 2 Max Bet Bonus BIG WIN!!

[ad_1] slot machine bonus win on the 2nd version by Aristocrat. this is Superman 2. and a Big Win bonus!

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  2. LOL! Big win. "ok"

  3. Weak not a big win

  4. oooo nice one

  5. That was great, almost a 100x. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Congrats, nice bonus round

  7. Nice win . I would enjoy playing this one , I think . Thanks for sharing .

  8. That was great.

  9. Nice win! Would like to give this game a whirl.

  10. Nice win on this one. Congrats!

  11. Slots in irish casinos just don't cut the mustard there pony . Enjoy ur clips thanks

  12. I played this after your SuperLarge win and got SuperShit. Nice win on this one!

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