Supreme Court hands Trump big win on Mueller probe documents

Supreme Court hands Trump big win on Mueller probe documents

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22 комментария

  1. I think the appropriate slang response to this development is…….BOOYAH!

  2. As a voter i have TRASHED THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY Why do I tolerate unamerican. Garbage !

  3. GONENOUR Larry Hogan Maryland -WE NEED A REAL REPUBLICAN TO RUN THIS FALL AGAINST uncle Joe!!! There are folks like me that Absolutely NOT vote for trump!!!!!

  4. Great News. Trump hadn't broken any law by not revealing his tax returns. But by forcing him to reveal personal info, Trump can sue the Demoncraps.

  5. Our President Trump deserves justice for what the Democrats put him and his family through. I'm fed up with the democrats getting away with the crimes they committed it's time the evidence comes out and we see Obama, Clinton , Rice , Comey, Brennan, Schiff, Nadler , Schumer, And the worst speaker of the house be accountable they need to testify under oath.

  6. I am quite certain that the IRS (no fans of Trump) went over his tax returns with a microscope, and if there was even a dime out of place, someone in the IRS (again, no fans of Trump) would have leaked it to the press.
    Tax returns are personal and private and you have no more right to see Trump's returns than he has to see yours. So why the desire to see his returns? His opponents are hoping to find something that, although they know it's perfectly legal, can be twisted to look bad .
    I am much less concerned about the billionaire who became a politician that I am about all those politicians who became millionaires. How can Pelosi afford that multi-million dollar estate (with an impressive wall) on a congressperson's salary? And Diane Frankenfinestine? How did Mad Maxine Waters get so rich? (nice wall around her place,too)

  7. tfrump- wants ta be The Next Jefferson Davis!!!! SPIT!!!

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  9. President Trump is the best world leader

  10. Great news

  11. Has SCOTUS asked about the tax returns for Pelosi, Hullary, Biden, Schifty and others for the last 30 years?

  12. Russia got the 33,000 emails for him, there on wiki leaks where are his tax returns cleetus

  13. Why AG BARR AND DURHAM are so slow in charging these HYPOCRITE Dems MAFIA GANG PELOSI SCHIFF AND SCHUMER NADLER HILLARY COMEY BRENNAN STEELE etc who are sick in the head people and keep planning to ruine people's lives??!! They must be stopped ASAP and JAILED!!

  14. God bless America and President Trump !!!

  15. God is watching and He will judge according His righteousness!!!

  16. Obama sealed ALL his records hiding his past. NOW all of a sudden Marxist want to swap sides? Bunch of Marxists…


  18. Trump 2020.


  20. President Trump got voted in by the people! We are not doing what the left did last year, we are voting and not thinking Trump has already won… Vote! Trump 2020


  22. I'm confused how this is a win. If the president has done nothing wrong then he has nothing to fear by giving the people he hates a little more homework to do. Shouldn't he instead release all of the documents so that he can finally prove to the world the what a noble, moral, and christian man he is?

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