Supreme Patty «Blah Blah» Feat. Big Win (WSHH Exclusive — Official Music Video)

Supreme Patty «Blah Blah» Feat. Big Win (WSHH Exclusive — Official Music Video)

[ad_1] Watch the official music video for «Blah Blah» by Supreme Patty Feat. Big Win.

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26 комментариев

  1. He is basically lil skies

  2. He looks Chuckys in the thumbnail

  3. This sounds so much better when you think they black

  4. Whoa whoa where tf did he get that 35oz from that shit is lit!

  5. Who is the girl?

  6. They sound so black…b-but their not black…im…am I Asians then?

  7. My wife may have took the kids but I got the DUB!!!

  8. Ass

  9. That’s a nice Z33

  10. Chucky

  11. I must be living under a rock just to find out about this song

  12. 0:53 Omg! That pizza looks just like supreme patty!

  13. Trash

  14. swipe up to get iced up

  15. This song trash but Big win killed that shit no deny

  16. Patty kinda looked like chucky on the front pic of the video

  17. Obama is gone!

  18. He looks like a scary movie villain

  19. Who resurrected big nibba

  20. Shit song dude

  21. Man that guy is fat af

  22. 1:45 when you get constipated

  23. Nigga stop trying to rap your trash

  24. Supreme patty is such an epic gamer

  25. I swiped up to get Iced up and my chain still isn’t here

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