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Swing dance class for beginners with Brian Fortuna 1 of 3

Swing dance class for beginners with Brian Fortuna 1 of 3

If you want to learn to Jive, start here. This is the basic ladies Swing Dance step. This is the very first step to learn if you want to dance the Swing, which is the foundation of Jive dancing.

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Brian Fortuna, pro dancer from Dancing with The Stars and Strictly Come Dancing will teach you the partner dance basics in just a couple of minutes. Whether you want to dance at your wedding or just be able to take to a dance floor with a bit of confidence, this is for you, even if you do have two left feet. And all in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Learning to dance has never been easier…

Happy dancing x

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  1. Folks, there is a very good reason for the way this is presented. Partner dance classes are taught by you looking at the back of the instructor, not by mirroring. So we have purposefully covered the front shot of the instructor’s feet with the DanceCam shot of their back as it’s that which you should be following in order to learn correctly. You’re welcome…

  2. Can't see Brians footwork!

  3. There's a simple explanation for that — Swing dance is an umbrella term for a lot of different up-tempo dances and Jive comes from the roots of the Swing dance movement (as do many others such as Lindy Hop). So if you want to learn any of the Swing styles, including Jive, a good beginners class in Swing (like Brian's class here) will teach you the basics of the rhythms that'll be useful no matter what type of Swing Dance you decide to learn.
    Enjoy your dancing!

  4. Nice lesson. But looks like Jive to me.

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