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In today video i wanted to let you all know about T-mobile big spectrum gain.
More videos coming soon
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22 комментария

  1. 355427079498883 check please ..

  2. Great, stronger cancer causing signals. No thanks, 4g is fast enough for me and WiFi most places is strong and fast now, especially with xfinity hot spots

  3. T-Mobile still ass

  4. Even THOE they are making all the great moves it still may or may not be enough for them to merge with Sprint!!!!! We will seeeee or not see!!!!!

  5. Those GHz's aren't an urban environment frequency. It's good for cities bouncing off metal and hard objects getting into buildings and even into elevators.

  6. You people are all fools all that radiation and stuff is going to affect your brain you already crazy you want to get crazy Aaron's being a straight jacket keep on moving up the speed and radiation and everything out of the waves

  7. Love tmobil specially when i go in ternational…5g??

  8. I remember when t moblie was the laughing stock of t-comm now look at them now!!! Power moves!!!

  9. There not buying out sprint there mergering and you must not know what your talking about that's why I listen to the news or do my own research about it

  10. Sounds like T-Mobile is now realizing they need to really think the backup plan if they can’t do a merger, or sale off other spectrum while buying new spectrum cheap.

  11. Marry it with the 2.5 @ Sprint and we have a BEAST in the making

  12. Can someone explain what this means:)? Im not that knowledgeable in this subject

  13. This is amazing… Yes!!

  14. The point now will be when t mobile order phones whit those bands..thanks

  15. Awesome news!!!! Cant wait for the merger!!!!

  16. All carriers were in the auction and realistically for the big picture it's small fries for T-Mobile. It'll help them very slightly but like again in the bigger picture not so.

    They need this merger so bad you can smell it taste it feel it excetera excetera what Sprint has on hand. Sprint is there salvation Sprint is T-Mobile's Messiah in the 5G race!


    *In the end Sprint still has the most spectrum of any carrier among the four!

    PS. FCC names winners of $2.7 billion 24-28GHz millimeter wave auctions


  17. So what does this mean for the Sprint T-Mobile merger and what's been going on with that?

  18. Wow TMOBILE is on the move.

  19. Wow!!! Awesome news t-mobile!!! I love t-mobile! I can’t wait for the new t-mobile!!!

  20. You mentioned T-mobile that bought spectrum but you are forgetting that AT&T spent a lot of money also to buy this Spectrum. I am surprised that AT&T spent more than anyone so far.

  21. Verizon don't have enough spectrum for a 5 G buildout Nationwide nobody does as the moment except Sprint hence is why they need this merger

  22. Great job I like the info

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