Tabacon Hot Springs Fortuna Arenal Costa Rica

Tabacon Hot Springs Fortuna Arenal Costa Rica

[ad_1] TONS of Costa Rica Travel INFO & VIDEOS at Hey Everyone! Finally, we got a chance to re-visit Tabacon Hot Springs and shoot a little video footage. It’s not like they’d invite us or anything, but I digress. If you only plan on visiting the La Fortuna area of Costa Rica, known for the Arenal Volcano, ONLY once in your life, you might want to make time and money for Tabacon’s WORLD FAMOUS, Hot Springs. And there’s a reason they’re world famous. Check out this video and see why Tabacon just may want to be on your ‘must do’ list. ENjoY! [ad_2]

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  1. i was going here but my flight got cancelled I'm so sadddd crys*

  2. Love pierced nipples

  3. I loved this place. Unfortunately I got a bad case of diarrhea while sitting in the river. I felt really bad for all the people down steam, but I was too embarrassed to get out until the attack was over and my bathing suit was empty

  4. We saw the free ones right by there. That's in our budget, LOL>

  5. Piercings, ew.

  6. The best thing about Tabacón is that it is So Natural. Tabacón really goes out of its way to preserve the natural environment of the river and hot springs. Tabacón is Awesome! There is No Doubt About It!

    Now… If someone were to ask me… just out of the blue… would Tabacón be the very first place that I would recommend to them… even if price were no object? No… Tabacón would NOT be my first recommendation… even if price were no object.

    Why Not? Because Tabacón is just a little bit too Full of Itself. I don't like that, and in my experience, neither do most other people. I do love Tabacón, because of its natural river environment… but I just couldn't get over the feeling that I was getting "played." For some people, that might not be a problem… but for me and most of my clients, that is a Huge problem.

    However, before I totally just DUNK Tabacón into the sand with a 100% Rejection… I MUST say that Tabacón is… absolutely, positively, the most authentic hot springs venue that I have ever visited in Costa Rica… Bar None! If the staff at Tabacón would just lose that attitude, and if the prices were just a little bit less Ridiculous… then it would be So Much Better!


    So… Where else can you go in the San Carlos/Arenal area that is better, for a better price? Well… First of all… I never say that anything is "Better"… because that's just not fair. What's good for me might be bad for you… and vice versa. However… If you are looking for a little bit more "bang for your buck" …. try Baldi. Baldi is always open for business, and has more tubs in its hot springs than you can throw a stick at! If you dare to try the water slides, they are borderline illegal! The first water slide which I tried was almost a catastrophe. The second was almost an emergency helicopter evacuation.

    After that, I just went back to soaking in the regular tubs. There are so many of those at Baldi that you can easily get lost. I did purchase the lunch buffet (as required by my job), and it was quite alright. After that, I checked out the childrens' park, which turned out to be an outstanding example of a childrens' water park. Then I checked out the Helicopter landing area, which turned out to be the best in the San Carlos/Arenal area.

  7. LOL @ the ending, you two are hilarious.

  8. Hermosa, pero Dios mío, esos precios!

  9. Hmmm, I don't like that they didn't hook you up with free admission when you helped get word out about them. It's their business, but I don't really connect with businesses that forget they were once small (or at least pretend they know how it is to be small if they started big).

  10. touche! LOL

  11. omg i cant watch this right now with 3 layers of clothes on in
    South Korea LOL… thanks for sharing… at least i know where im going next

  12. I remember being there when I was really young

  13. This looks amazing! Beautiful to say the least. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Guys

    Love your Video …and as you have been going to Costa Rica since 1997 …taking folks on Massage Wellness Vacation ….as I am An Advance Massage Instructor.

    Lived in Manuel Antonio for 2.5 years back in 2004-2006

    Costa Rica has gotten soooo very Expensive …Tabacon the summer of 2011 raised the price of Beer to $13. And the whole day pass was $85.

    STill a Grrrreat Place …especially for 1st timer Visitor …Because it is Truly the Gold Standard for Hot Springs …in La Fortuna.

  15. went Fortuna in 05 when i was in Jaco beach. …costa rica rocks!!!

  16. looks so lushhh, i want to go

  17. @Tristan14578
    I already am. your video info has come in much handy.

  18. @iCostaRica24 LOL

  19. ok, its not our kindda thing, but have to admit, it does look very pretty, very pricey, but very pretty.

  20. im so excited. i fly down monday 🙂

  21. NICE !
    Thanks guys for sharing this beautiful video


  22. Great video! The next time I'm in Costa Rica, I'm definitely going to try and visit Tabacon. It definitely looks worth it. I can see why it is the top hot springs in the area. It really brings me back. My favourite time in CR was at Baldi…I'm sure this would top it. Thanks again for sharing and keep up the good work.

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