Tabacon Hot Springs La Fortuna/Arenal- 4FREE

Tabacon Hot Springs La Fortuna/Arenal- 4FREE

[ad_1] Traveling on a budget but still want to relax after a day of adventure? Save yourself about 70 bucks and go to the FREE hot spring down the road from the Tabacon HOt springs parking lot. The free hotsprings sits on public land and is totally legal. You can get there by going through the security gate on the right side of the road down from the Tabacon Hot SPrings parking lot (there’s usually a security guard there, but they will let you in so don’t be afraid to ask. Also, little paths on each side of the bridge.Take a look at this video to get your bearings. Located just outside of La Fortuna Costa Rica.

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  1. Is this safe for kids? The water looks like it's moving pretty fast.

  2. Cool!

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