Garuda Gameplay Reveal, Fortuna Release Date, Kubrow Vacuum, Atlas Deluxe — Devstream Abridged 118

[ad_1] Also: Mining Rework, New Operator Suits and some other stuff nobody cares about Stuff i skipped but its gonna happen: Caves will have many purposes, including but not limited to: the ability to fish in them, mine, and have K-Drive races pass through them. • There are new Bounty types for Fortuna! One example shown on-stream was having to kill a certain type of enemy, however and wherever yo...[Read More]

Best Of Devstream Abridged 2018 | Warframe

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Mesa Prime | Redeemer Prime | Akjagara Prime | Baruuk in Action — Devstream 120 Abridged

[ad_1] #fortuna #mesaprime #baruuk #devstreamabridged Info i skipped: Fortuna launches on XB1 and PS4 on December 10th! · As usual, 2 Gift of the Lotus Alerts are alive on all platforms for 24 hours following the stream! · Chroma Prime Access ends on December 18th, and Banshee Prime enters the Vault then too! Nyx and Titania Changes · You can read the full write-up in our Developer Workshop. · Nyx...[Read More]

Railjack, Fortuna, New War — TennoLIVE 2018 Abridged

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