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Winning on Sabaton slot with Sabaton (THE BAND!!) joining my Stream

🤘Link to the guitar giveaway: 👉 Bonuses on trusted casinos I play: ✔️Join the streaming community: Friday the 10th of February Sabaton the metal rock band joined my live stream and signed a guitar for one of the viewers to win, as well as some merchandise. When playing the Sabaton slot that’s based upon the band they also got a big win which was fun to see. I re...[Read More]

Warframe Octavia Band — Oxium City (Original)

6 Parts, 6 Octavias, with 2 roar buffers in the game. The captura now only support max. 8 ppl now instead of 12. otherwise could do more remix 😀 This song is record breaker, behold tenno, almost 7 min dancing music, first time use other warframe to remix, first time use 6 octavias. Oh you want to use for mission, yeah boi, at least 3 awesome theme mandachord for ya. Mandachord (feat.Clem) Part 1: ...[Read More]

Carmina Burana «O Fortuna» — Michigan Marching Band 2012 @ Crisler Concert

University of Michigan Marching Band 2012 — Carmina Burana «O Fortuna» («End of the World»)