Warframe — The Profit-Taker — Update 24.2.9 ON CONSOLE NOW!

[ad_1] #warframe #fortuna #Profit-Taker This update will include everything from Hotfix 24.1.1 + to Hotfix with some cherry picked integrations beyond. So orb heists, baruuk, 4 new weapons, 3 new amps and a TON of new mods for archwing, k-drive and frames alike, what else could you want? Augments? yup, those are here too! PS4 link: Xbox link: My glyph is now universal and the cod...[Read More]


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Warframe Chill stream Fortuna drops tomorrow for console at 10:00Am!!

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WARFRAME — Official «Fortuna Update» Console Launch Trailer (2018)

[ad_1] Warframe’s massive open-world expansion is available now on Xbox One and PS4! Visit the underground city of Fortuna to craft powerful new Weapons and Gear, then squad up and explore the frigid open-world frontier of Venus. Learn more: #LiftTogether Thank You for every Like, Share, and Comment! SUBSCRIBE NOW for more XboxViewTV Gameplay Trailers and Let’s Play’s ➤ The currently m...[Read More]

Warframe: 5 Things To Do Before Fortuna Drops on Console! (In Cert!)

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