Costa Rica Travel — La Fortuna/Manuel Antonio Adventure

[ad_1] This video is comprised of moments from out 2018 Costa Rica Trip. We booked with We spent 3 days in the La Fortuna area and 4 days in Manuel Antonio. We stayed at the Hotel La Pardera del Arenal and the Blue Monkey Hotel. Scene selection: 0:07 Water Slide at Baldi Hot Springs 0:19 La Fortuna Waterfall hike, Arenal River 0:26 Snorkeling at Manuel Antonio 0:34 Rio Chollin, Free ...[Read More]

Our Vacation Rental La Fortuna Costa Rica

[ad_1] TONS of Costa Rica Travel INFO & VIDEOS at Hey Everyone! Our NEW vacation rental property in La Fortuna Costa Rica is now ready to rent. It’s a beautiful property just 8 minutes from La Fortuna Central. It sits at the base of the Arenal Volcano (so close you could almost touch it) and although it’s only 2 minutes from a full service grocery store, it’s very private. C...[Read More]

Green Market La Fortuna Costa Rica

[ad_1] Hey Everyone! DAngelo and michael alan from Do’in Costa Rica. We live in a small town in Costa Rica called La Fortuna. Bascially, La Fortuna is a top tourist destination in Costa Rica because of the ever-erupting Arenal Volcano about 3 miles away. We haven’t lived in the States for over 3 years now. We were wondering about the price of food where U live. Here’s us during a...[Read More]

Tabacon Hot Springs Fortuna Arenal Costa Rica

[ad_1] TONS of Costa Rica Travel INFO & VIDEOS at Hey Everyone! Finally, we got a chance to re-visit Tabacon Hot Springs and shoot a little video footage. It’s not like they’d invite us or anything, but I digress. If you only plan on visiting the La Fortuna area of Costa Rica, known for the Arenal Volcano, ONLY once in your life, you might want to make time and money for Tabacon&#...[Read More]

Fortuna Costa Rica Villa Hermosa Guesthouse Arenal Volcano

[ad_1] TONS of Arenal Volcano Costa Rica Travel INFO & VIDEOS at: ————-(Sorry about the strange sounds from the bad mic.)…. Hey Everyone! Found the cutest and very private guesthouse about 20 minutes outside of La Fortuna Costa Rica, which is in the Alajuela Province (not too far from the Guanacaste Province). It’s called Villa Hermosa. The owners, Wendy an...[Read More]

BEST ATV Tour La Fortuna Costa Rica

[ad_1] We are a full service travel agency with tons of INFO & VIDEOS at We love, Love, LOVE Power Wheels because they are the best ATV tour in La Fortuna, maybe even Costa Rica. Cool staff, family friendly…. and it’s just so beautiful where they run the tours. Plenty of action too….rivers, jungle, farm land, rolling hills….we think the video pretty much speaks for its...[Read More]

Baldi Hot Springs Fortuna Arenal Costa Rica

[ad_1] Hey Everyone! Finally we re-did our Baldi Hot Springs REVIEW. Baldi Hot Springs is located a couple miles outside of La Fortuna Arenal area and is ONE of the 3 more popular hot springs options in La Fortuna. The other two being Tabacon and Eco Termales. Baldi Hot Springs is big, cheap and probably the BIGGEST BANG for your buck if that’s what you’re looking for, but it is also f...[Read More]

Fortuna Costa Rica Cost of Apartment on a Tight Budget

[ad_1] We are a full service travel agency with tons of info at We get lots of emails regarding finding an apartment in Costa Rica and how much it costs. Although we put a video of our apartment a couple years ago, we thought we’d put up another one. This is a friend’s apartment. Check it out if you’re interested in seeing a reasonably priced, albeit small, apartment in La Fortun...[Read More]

What to do La Fortuna, Costa Rica

[ad_1] Brian take you to La Fortuna, Costa Rica near the very famous Arenal Volcano. Here he will showcase some of the best activities to get your hear pumping. See more great videos at [ad_2]

Costa Rica vacation Aug 2016. prt 4- driving from La fortuna /Arenal to Monteverde hotel Belmar

[ad_1] Our trip to Costa Rica on Aug 2016. prt 4- driving from La fortuna /Arenal to Monteverde hotel Belmar [ad_2]

Costa Rica Travel Itinerary La Fortuna Arenal

[ad_1] TONS of Costa Rica Travel INFO & VIDEOS at Hey Everyone. D’Angelo’s family came out to Costa Rica for the first time… this video shows you where we took them. It ended up being a pretty good itinerary…. took them to La Paz Waterfall Gardens before heading to La Fortuna where they experienced zip lining, canyoneering, hanging bridges, night hikes and a whole lot ...[Read More]

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