BlockchainBrad chats with FORTUNA CEO Brian Cai about OTC Derivatives on the Blockchain

[ad_1] Wanna Make the World More Transparent? Brian Cai, of FORTUNA, does. Find out how, as he chats with BlockchainBrad (BCB). This is arguably the First Blockchain Platform for Global OTC Derivatives Market! Some complex stuff here, but no less relevant as we make the step, or perhaps the deep dive, into decentralised business models for global derivative markets. Fortuna Features: Innovative Co...[Read More]

Fortuna | Blockchain Platform For The Global OTC Derivatives Market | Brian Cai | $FOTA Interview

[ad_1] Fortuna (FOTA) is a blockchain based solution for the global OTC derivatives market. It aims to solve major problems such as lack of trust, operational inefficiency, illiquidity, and lack of variety through decentralized consensus algorithm DPOSA, structured smart contracts, a decentralized quote scheme and other features of blockchain. Fortuna introduces a new kind of crypto-token FOTA to ...[Read More]