Carmina Burana — I. O Fortuna (w/ English subtitles)

[ad_1] The opening movement of Carl Orff’s masterpiece «Carmina Burana». Carl Orff (1895-1982) The London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Richard Hickox [ad_2]

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A PISTOL FOR DJANGO [Jeff Cameron] [Full Length Spaghetti Western] [English]

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SKVplaysON — WARFRAME Fortuna Update 2.0 & Mesa Prime & More!, Stream, PC [English] Game Play

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Blue Film : Latest Telugu Short Film : Standby TV (with English Subtitles)

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Carmina Burana — O Fortuna (Latin lyrics with English translation)

[ad_1] Carmina Burana — O Fortuna (Latin lyrics with English translation) performed by London Philharmonic Orchestra, London Philharmonic Choir, The London Chorus and David Parry. Composed by Carl Orff. Hope you enjoy 🙂 [ad_2]

Carmina Burana ~ O Fortuna | Carl Orff (English Lyrics)

[ad_1] O Fortuna velut luna (like the moon) statu variabilis (you are changeable) semper crescis (ever waxing) aut decrescis; (and waning;) vita detestabilis (hateful life) nunc obdurat (first oppresses) et tunc curat (and then soothes) ludo mentis aciem, (as fancy takes it) egestatem, (poverty) potestatem (and power) dissolvit ut glaciem. (it melts them like ice.) Sors immanis (Fate — monst...[Read More]

O Fortuna — Carmina Burana — Carl Orff — Latin, English — Knights

[ad_1] «O Fortuna» is a medieval Latin Goliardic poem composed early in the thirteenth century, part of the collection known as the Carmina Burana. It is a complaint about fate, and Fortuna, a goddess in Roman mythology and personification of luck. In 1935—36 «O Fortuna» was set to music by the German composer Carl Orff for his twenty-five-movement cantata Carmina Burana....[Read More]

Record of Lodoss War — Adesso e Fortuna (English Long Version)

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O Fortuna — Carmina Burana | English Latin Italiano Lyrics Testo

[ad_1] Italiano: «O Fortuna» è un testo poetico scritto dei Carmina Burana, una collezione di poemi latini scritti nel XIII secolo. Il testo spiega come la sorte da favorevole possa diventare avversa, e che essa comandi su qualunque elemento. In questo caso «fortuna» nella lingua latina va intesa nel suo significato neutro, quindi come «sorte». English: «O Fortun...[Read More]

Carl Orff — O Fortuna — Latin and English Lyrics

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