Warframe — All Fortuna Fragment Transmissions

[ad_1] The stories of the vendors. The tragic results of the echoes of Deck 12. [ad_2]

Warframe | All Fortuna Mem Fragment Transmissions/Dialogues [Lore]

[ad_1] Showing all 35 transmissions/dialogues from the Fortuna mem fragments. Glyph Codes (~˘▾˘)~ PC 31C4-8B86-6A86-5ECA 5852-5D5A-8309-BD2F 9D99-F99D-F67A-C3AA 7989-A5EF-AFCB-F7B3 F250-EA09-13A2-6B61 BC80-6D74-B649-02DD 71CB-452B-0FED-2A2F CAE3-B208-374F-CE5D DB5F-52FD-8481-9B76 3AE8-8556-A3C9-3723 C973-73C0-C9D2-629A 832C-41F1-300A-EA62 5CDD-CD1D-D2ED-8B00 C02C-7280-0791-7E1E 796D-8715-8857-0CE7...[Read More]

Warframe | All 35 Fortuna Mem Fragment Locations

[ad_1] In this video, I’ll be showing all 35 Fortuna mem fragment locations. * Here’s the link to the map and the post made by ‘Chewierulz’: Glyph Codes (~˘▾˘)~ PC: 0DF7-F0F0-9EFF-04C5 DA21-8AAC-E230-F272 D18F-BC5B-AE50-277B 4DA0-89B4-5161-DA83 B103-FF53-4D7C-538A 8E3E-66BA-4ED1-8E84 6C79-360C-6BEB-CDB8 D726-2D59-EC47-55B3 B19F-A1A5-B0F7-8A24 5F2E-B6E7-9232-78B9 F1E4-8B8F-C...[Read More]