Supreme Court hands Trump big win on Mueller probe documents

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The Supreme Court hands down a huge win for the AmeriCANS! Finally!

[ad_1] Yesterday, the Supreme Court overruled the 9th Circus Court of Appeals, and determined that Trump is free to implement his Asylum plan. Now, Asylum Seekers will have to put in their Asylum claim in Mexico not at the US border. About damn time. [ad_2]

Cannabis provision in Farm Bill hands big win to industry

[ad_1] Aditi Roy explains how a little known provision in the recently passed Farm Bill hands a big win to the marijuana industry. [ad_2]

RULING: Supreme Court Hands Trump Big Win, Border Wall Construction Can Continue!

[ad_1] RULING: Supreme Court Hands Trump Big Win, Border Wall Construction Can Continue! In a massive victory for the Trump Administration, the Supreme Court has handed Trump a big win. By declining to hear an environmental challenge to the border wall construction, the Supreme Court has essentially killed that challenge, paving (pun intended) a clear path for the Trump administration to move forw...[Read More]

3 Epic $1 Million Poker Hands | Poker Big Win Compilation

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Mushfiqur ton hands Bangladesh a big win against Sri Lanka| Daily Cricket News

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