Fortuna Part 2 Prep — Baruuk, Heists, Orb Mothers!

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Garuda Changes, Nyx Rework Detailed, Orb Mothers Separate Releases & More! [This Week in Warframe]

[ad_1] 0:00 — Intro / Housekeeping 0:18 — Hotfix 24.1.2 + Hotfix Patch Notes! Close Beta Player Recognition Accolade. 0:38 — Console Player Migrated Accolade 0:53 — Garuda Changes in Hotfix 24.1.2 4:07 — Nyx Changes & Titania Changes (Developer Workshop) 6:03 — Captura the Battle Contest CNOTBUSCH website / Statue Gallery 7:07 — [DE] Taylor c...[Read More]