Solo Profit Taker Boss Fight Guide (Octavia) Updated for 2019 l Warframe Fortuna

[ad_1] I did not mention this in the video but the octavia song I use is E1M1 from doom. Tombfinger parts are (tombfinger, haymaker, splat) Amp parts are Lega, Phahd, Lohrin Arcanes used are 2x Arcane guardian set, 2x Magus elevate set. [ad_2]

Warframe Octavia Band — Oxium City (Original)

[ad_1] 6 Parts, 6 Octavias, with 2 roar buffers in the game. The captura now only support max. 8 ppl now instead of 12. otherwise could do more remix 😀 This song is record breaker, behold tenno, almost 7 min dancing music, first time use other warframe to remix, first time use 6 octavias. Oh you want to use for mission, yeah boi, at least 3 awesome theme mandachord for ya. Mandachord (feat.Clem) P...[Read More]