Warframe — Arch-Gun Performance Showcase (Profit-Taker Orb)

[ad_1] 01:10 — Imperator 01:59 — Fluctus 03:33 — Velocitus 04:52 — Grattler 05:49 — Dual Decurion 06:52 — Corvas 07:36 — Imperator Vandal 08:13 — Cyngas 08:59 — Phaedra Want my glyph ? Second Channel Fan-made Steam Group Recruiting Ninjas! Sign up, suit up and help me take back the Solar System in Warframe! Click this link to sign up for this a...[Read More]

Orff — Carmina Burana (O fortuna) amazing performance!!!

[ad_1] Gimnazija Kranj Great Christmas Concert 2011. Carl Orff: Carmina Burana (O Fortuna) Choirs: PAZ Vinko Vodopivec; chorus master: Primož Malavašič; Ljubljanski madrigalists; chorus master: Mateja Kališnik; Gimnazija Kranj United Choirs; chorus master: Primož Kerštanj. Gimnazija Kranj Symphony Orchestra did a great job. Conductor: Nejc Bečan; Concert master: Matjaž Bogataj. Concert direction: ...[Read More]