How to Win at Slots — Interview With a Professional Slot Machine Player — Part 2

[ad_1] Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide, do a follow-up on their interview with professional slots player, Peter Liston. They speak with high-limit slots player George Ashkar, who traveled to Australia and met with Peter to discuss the possibility of using his services. George gives details on his meeting with Peter, while Matt and Steve discuss their overall impressions with ...[Read More]

Hitman 2 — Santa Fortuna 3:03 — Silent Assassin — Professional difficulty

[ad_1] A big pain in the ass getting this one to work. You save a bit of time by letting the start cutscene play a bit. The guard I KO next to the water can fall in resulting in a kill. Rico can fall forward and smash the fish tank glass which will result in the mansion staff dude getting electrocuted as well. You need to do everything quick enough to be in position for the kill on Andrea and it&#...[Read More]

A Professional Assassin plays Hitman 2

[ad_1] I’m a professional because someone paid me $2 to stop playing ~Twitch Channel: ~Merch Shop: ~Twitter: ~Discord: [ad_2]