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PRZEKLETE PULAPKI! — Let's Play Uncharted Fortuna Drake'a [PS4] #11


Играю с Братом в GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist — Ограбление казино (PS4) Online Стрим 3

[ad_1] #стрим #streaming #stream #online #играемвgtaonline #gtaonline #ps4 #gta5 #game #gtaonlinethediamondcasino Поддержка канала: Карта Приват банк — 5168 — 7554 — 3303 — 2519 Channel Support: Privat Bank Card — 5168 — 7554 — 3303 — 2519 Мой первый YouTube канал — Мой второй YouTube канал — Dj Serj L (My Official VK Group) — Мой F...[Read More]

Warframe | PS4 @ 4 — 3/19/2019

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Warframe | PS4 @ 4 — 3/5/2019

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Warframe — PS4 / XB1 FORTUNA 2.0 Update 24.2.9 — Supersized Tac Update time!!

[ad_1] Here we are Xbox & PS4 Tenno, Fortuna 2.0 via Update 24.2.9 is here!! I cover all the highlights from this massive update including a new frame, old frame changes, new weapons, old weapon changes and the usual additions, subtractions, updates, changes and fixes you can expect from a Warframe update! ************************************* NOTE: During the early stages of the video I said...[Read More]

Warframe: Fortuna — The Profit-Taker Launch Trailer | PS4

[ad_1] Bring out the big guns: It’s time to take down our first Orb Mother. Fortuna: The Profit-Taker is available now on PS4! Learn more: Rated Mature: Violence, Blood & Gore, Digital Purchases, Users Interact [ad_2]

Warframe — Switch Fortuna Part 1 update at Cert & PS4 / XB1 Fortuna 2.0 update tomorrow!!

[ad_1] Switch Fortuna Part 1 is off to Cert & XB + PS4 Fortuna 24.2.9 update is out tomorrow…this vid is the quick update for you on what’s happening with these updates… If you’ve got any comments or feedback, make sure you let me know in the comments section below or on Twitter @Luktorce Make sure you subscribe to my channel and have alerts switched on so you know whe...[Read More]

(PS4) WF Fortuna & Tricaps | RoadTo400Subs!

[ad_1] Hey, and welcome to my channel I’m King Vishus a Variety Gamer! Currently trying to reach 400 subs. Streaming mostly Warframe content, but I also stream Paladins, and CoD: Black Ops 4.. Looking to add Anthem into the mix. — Stream Schedule — Weekdays 2p-6p Est — YouTube! (PS4) Weekends 2p — 6p Est — Twitch! (PS4 & XB1) I upload various Warframe Riven...[Read More]

Warframe — XB1 / PS4 Fortuna 2.0 Update is off to Cert! WF Switch Fortuna Update info too!

[ad_1] In this vid I briefly talk about recent Fortuna update info for Switch and the announcements from earlier today that Fortuna 2.0 updates for Xbox One and PS4 are complete on DE’s side and have been submitted for Cert. NOTE: For the upcoming Profit-Taker Orb Bounties including taking on the Profit-Taker Orb Mother during the Phase 4 Bounty — YOU NEED TO HAVE REACHED THE RANK OF &...[Read More]

FALLOUT 76 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 — INTRO (PS4 PRO)

[ad_1] Fallout 76 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X includes a Review, Intro and Mission 1 of the Fallout 76 Story Campaign. My 2018 Fallout 76 Gameplay Walkthrough will feature the Full Game Story Campaign. Thanks Bethesda for giving me the Full Game of Fallout 76 on PS4 Pro. I’ll may play the Full Game of Fallout 76 until the Single Player Campaign Ending. Subscribe: T...[Read More]

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