How to farm Synathid Fish and Charamote fish in Caves|Warframe Fortuna

[ad_1] #fishfarming #warframefortuna #synathid #charamote Here is rare Synathid and Charamote Fish and how and where to find it I personally found a cave where you can find it in numbers of course using bait. Thanks for watching, enjoye playing Warframe Fortuna. [ad_2]

Warframe : Fortuna — Good location for fishing Synathid!

[ad_1] Good location for fishing Synathid! What you need; 1. Synathid Bait 2. Stunna Fishing Spear (Recommended) 3. Luminos dye Please note : The location in the video is might not be the best place and it’s just my opinion. If you have another location or any advice please leave your comment below. ♥ Thanks for watching ♥ [ad_2]