Warframe | Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna | Hanging Out

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Warframe: Top 10 Primary Weapons of 2018

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Fortuna on Consoles, Baruuk Abilities, Chat Moderation & Devstream #120 [This Week in Warframe]

This Week in Warframe compiles all news and information into a single video. 0:00 Intro / Housekeeping 0:16 Devstream #120 Overview & Official Stream Link DE comments live on Warframe Chat Moderation Issues May 2018 PsyCoCinematics – Corpus Cop – Warframe’s IRL Corrupted Mods + Guide of the Lotus December 2018 Warframe: Chat Moderation Update and Recap [DE] Danielle Chat Moderation in Warfram...[Read More]

Warframe: How To Play Chroma 2018

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My Issues With Fortuna (Warframe)

A bit of a rant, but I just want sustainable content in this game. I might delete this, but this is how I feel. My Discord Server: ➜Interested in a YouTube partnership? ► ———————————————————————————————— ▼Fol...[Read More]

Noticias Warframe — Devstream 120: Resumen — Fortuna en Consolas — Mesa Prime — Nuevo Warframe y más

Un resumen con todo lo que se habló y presentó durante el recién emitido Devstream 120. #Warframe #Fortuna #gaming Twitter: @Deuce_the_Gamer Apoya al canal, conviértete en Patrón:

Warframe: Fortuna 2.0 & The DEATH of Red Text!? — Devstream 120 [#confirmed]

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Warframe PS4 Daily grind 40 Fortuna Preparations

A player of Order Of Darkness

Warframe — Hotfix 24.1.3 Winter Solstice 2018

They have returned, the winter solstice packs are here for december and will go back into the void on January 9 at 2 p.m till december 2019 so if you want any of these, its time to get them before there gone for another year! Solstice notes: Hotfix notes: My glyph is now universal and the code «ORIGINALWICKEDFUN» claimable at warframe.com/promocode will now work on pc, xbox and ps4. Can ...[Read More]

Warframe: Dynamic Fortuna Theme PS4

Theme available for free on the NA PSN store Theme link (NA): Follow me on Twitter:

Garuda Changes, Nyx Rework Detailed, Orb Mothers Separate Releases & More! [This Week in Warframe]

0:00 — Intro / Housekeeping 0:18 — Hotfix 24.1.2 + Hotfix Patch Notes! Close Beta Player Recognition Accolade. 0:38 — Console Player Migrated Accolade 0:53 — Garuda Changes in Hotfix 24.1.2 4:07 — Nyx Changes & Titania Changes (Developer Workshop) 6:03 — Captura the Battle Contest CNOTBUSCH website / Statue Gallery 7:07 — [DE] Taylor comments...[Read More]

Warframe | Devstream #120

Get a first look at Baruuk’s Abilities, see the next Prime Access reveal and feast your eyes on the trailer for the upcoming Fortuna update coming to PC! This is one Devstream you won’t want to miss!