TED SLOT PLAY BOUNS BIG WIN! Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

TED SLOT PLAY BOUNS BIG WIN! Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

[ad_1] This is my biggest slot win. Ted slot machine. Cosmopolitan LAS VEGAS 16 free games total.
I had to add music due to copyright issues.
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  1. Hey Matthew. The In N Out travel kitchen comes to Vancouver September 8/2018. Once a year they travel 1000 KM. to BC for the Langley Cruise in Car Show. We get to feed on In N Out burgers…..yummmm. Stop in on your way back to TO.

  2. That was a big ass win well done mate. Awesome

  3. Awesome wow like

  4. Are you still in Vegas, you lazy bum? Get a job.

  5. a good number of VMB members signed up to your channel! When are you going back to Vegas? Be there next week!!

  6. Dancing Dom to the rescue! Woohoo! That’s was a sweet win! Glad you were able to catch it on video.

  7. HEY MATTHEW….GOOD JOB!!!! You did it. So happy for you. I hope you didn't give it all back. Wow. Enjoy yourself, have fun and get something good to eat. Take care from Bethlehem Pa

  8. Hell yes… great win.

  9. Nice job on TED! You deserve a Big @$$ win for sure!

  10. Ohh yeaaayy!!! What an Awesome win!!!

  11. when i am there in Oct ill play this and hopefully win the hand pay for ya!….lol……great video….I am never on the cosmo floor that late…way too many hookers harassing me and my friends.haha ,,,usually off the floor by midnight or so…lol…

  12. Nice win!

  13. I really like these videos I'm going to Vegas soon and it gives me an idea of what would be fun to play !

  14. Amazeimg wow

  15. nice dude…thats a good win…hopefully Cosmo sends you some free rooms.

  16. Loving all these little vids that came out of your trip……that to me is the FUN of slots…..you can be down a bunch feel like your done, and one hit and you are back…..its a roller coaster

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