Tennocon 2018 — 3 Expansions Revealed! (Fortuna, Railjack, The New War) | Warframe

Tennocon 2018 — 3 Expansions Revealed! (Fortuna, Railjack, The New War) | Warframe

[ad_1] Tenncon 2018’s biggest reveals did not disappoint! Here is a summary of all 3 Expansions — Fortuna, Railjack, and The New War!

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24 комментария

  1. And to kill giant spiders

  2. I just want the hover board and moa pet

  3. How can Fortnite be better than this?

  4. I don't know what the Tau system is, but I don't want any spoilers so I can't quite proceed.

  5. Rest in piece all non Xbox live players

  6. NEXT TWO WEEKS. i strongly doubt it. think DE would have a heart attack if that was the case lol

  7. If this was Bungie : Fortuna expansion 40$ , New War quest 20$, Railjack 20$ and new custom weapons 10$, new pet 10$,


  9. New mode: new war
    Team up with fellow Tenno to take down the sentient threat

  10. Railjack is getting released along side with Fortuna

  11. I would say that the railjack and fortuna are going to be the same expansion, so it could be a month or two before it comes out. Also the New War would probably be out WAY longer than that, i would say a year because of the lack of information we have for the New War.

  12. Them ridin the board reminds me of destiny

  13. I bet it wont come anytime soon (august and this month).
    If i lose you get sub
    if you lose i get a sub
    wanna bet? XD

  14. I can’t wait to see the warframes were gonna get

  15. Most likely it won't come out till October on pc like the plains of eidolon and then November for pc

  16. Time to kill space mom

    I've been waiting so long for this

  17. Yo do you remember me? When you were playing clash royale I am here since 1.000 subscribers and we have talk to discord too

  18. H Y P E L E V E L S A R E O V E R L O A D I N G

  19. Tau star is blue , this is sentient outpost in origin system , so no we still not going to Tau yet

  20. New war will a 100% not come out this year not a chance

  21. If with the next few weeks u mean like 8-12 weeks then yes, you might be correct

  22. So basically plains 2.0 with another archwing gimmick, a new game mode, and a new upcoming quest. Wooo yay…

  23. oh boi, DE decided to finally fuck Destiny 2 and boi they are going in with no lube


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