[TF2] «Monthly» Meatloaf: 5000 IQ Plays

[TF2] «Monthly» Meatloaf: 5000 IQ Plays

[ad_1] Monthly Meatloaf is a series where I compile clips that don’t really fit into their own video, but were still pretty funny or cool. The quality of these clips might be slightly lower than in other videos, as I wasn’t always playing/recording with the intent to make a video.

Music (in order of appearance):
• SSBM OST — Targets
• SoundSmith — Definitely Not «O Fortuna»
• SSBM OST — Yoshi’s Story

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20 комментариев

  1. I think Dust Bowl is impossible to win as red and impossible to lose as blue especially the first map I mean it's like 2 metres wide and 1 metre long..

  2. Who else would do ANYTHING for a duplicated shove ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Has Cat not told Sound he smells yet?

  4. 6:28 brave Chinese protestor stands up against tank in Tiananmen Square
    Ca. 1989

  5. Its G'nerf or g'nothing translates to its good nert or good nothing im your local aussie translator see ya.

  6. I like that even the lights of the bumper car get Ubered.

  7. Quick Question:

    What happened to Hightower Adventures? I would really like to see another episode that, preferably sooner rather than later. But I don’t really care just as long as there’s on before summer.

  8. WTF 6:17

  9. Im late

  10. my iq is below 0000000000000000.1

  11. I accidentally subscribed but i'm too lazy to unsubscribe

  12. waaiiiit a minute. is he playing on dustbowl and upward!?!? thats not soundta claus!!

  13. Spot the spy beefore he spis yoo

  14. 9:43 And they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming

  15. SPOILER ALERT: Everyone dies at the end

  16. GAME

  17. I want more of "The Notorious Scoundrels!"

  18. A stand user who IS a stand
    Oh man

  19. Finally, something that's not 2fort or HT or any CTF.

  20. Hold up… you talk about Melee, made a meme mini serious from action of reading a player, have Melee music. Where’s my smash content? Ima start an uprise about this situation.

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