The Biggest Win of My Racing Career!

The Biggest Win of My Racing Career!

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  1. Are you coming to millbridge for the Keith Kunz giveaway race?

  2. Nice run T!

  3. 12:56 he put a dent in the wing congrats tanner

  4. nice job man love your vidz

  5. Awesome Job have the best racing video's i've seen in a while.I'm a ex and super Spritcar racing follower

  6. How old are you?

  7. Congratulations on your win

  8. That was some good driving

  9. You really great with interviews!!

  10. Great job tanner

  11. Holy crap

  12. I saw you on T.V

  13. Are going to the dirt kart Nationals this year

  14. crazy drive out of 2 , way to wheel the hot rod!

  15. I wish when I race outlaws I could race with u but I only race in Nebraska ,good luck

  16. I wish when I race outlaws I could race with u but I only race in Nebraska ,good luck

  17. This looks dangerous

  18. I'm just like u dirt racing is my life a race mod-lights it fast and exciting but I love it

  19. Congratulations Tanner, I come from go Karting, do you guys in the outlaw karts prep your tires??

  20. Tanner, please make a video of you building a outlaw car, show all the preparation you do to the car for each race! Show the people all the blood, sweat, tears, and dedication it takes for you to run up front to have a successful race! Show all the work that you do to the hauler and trailer to get to the track! Be safe, and win! God Bless!

  21. I like that song

  22. Guys are so busy blocking you're nearly boss mode gone and congrats! Keep it up and I will be winning like you! Thanks for the videos for race fans!

  23. YESSS. GREAT JOB TANNER. You drove the car fantastic

  24. YESSS. GREAT JOB TANNER. You drove the car fantastic

  25. Good job tanner


  27. All right nice win! I hope to start racing in dirt series

  28. tanner holmes are you going to be racing your sprint car in yreka?? when they have the sprint races here

  29. 4000 sub man!

  30. What track is this

  31. Great job

  32. Congrats man just subscribed and loved the vid

  33. On a online game I have called roblox I run a series and I'm gonna run outlaw karts at red bluff and the pace car will be a tanner Holmes car AND the race is call Tanner Holmes 50

  34. How many races are left for redbluff

  35. Congratulations tanner that was a great race

  36. hell of a battle between the 77 and 1 but they lost it for themselves. good win dude

  37. I feel like you are going to end up in nascar.

  38. How did Carly do

  39. Nice!

  40. Great job tanner I hope your luck carries into next weekend

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