The Flintstones **BIG WIN** ✦LIVE PLAY✦ Bellagio, Las Vegas #ARBY

The Flintstones **BIG WIN** ✦LIVE PLAY✦ Bellagio, Las Vegas #ARBY

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Thanks so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Please share your comments and let me know about your winnings!

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26 комментариев

  1. It drives me crazy that you don't give it more play time when it's hitting like that lol I guess that's why I don't win as much as you Brian! LOL

  2. Early Brian is a gutter mouth hehe or annoyed with the people next to him lol

  3. Love your videos but the language!!

  4. I guess you can say the win was…GRAND

  5. great win

  6. Highest I ever won in a casino was 135 on the triple extreme spin

  7. Idk if anyone has said this or not but you actually want him to fall when the ribs are placed. It gives you a higher multiplier. My first time playing this it went from 2x to 10x when it fell. Ended up being almost a handpay. Cheers!

  8. ,,unutterableyyttttytyyyyyuoooo

  9. yaaaaaaaay Brian

  10. gotta remember to play this next time I'm in a casino….thanks Brian!

  11. hay chris .. chris here from Australia love all the pokies that you put up.. but what is that music called at the end of flintstones..

  12. On the party machine you need to point at gifts as fast as you can…. your videos are great but your potty mouth can be cleaned. Please

  13. Great video and awesome win. Looks like a fun machine to play

  14. Oh and by the way…This YAABAADAABAA DOOOOOOO! Is my alarm on my phone when it's time to go home from work. The office people just loves it!

  15. This was a fun game to watch. I never played this one either. I will play it the next time I go vegas. Thanks for the fun!!

  16. c i h p

  17. Interesting note about this game…it has a "tell" built into it during the Yabba-Dabba-Doo bonus. If you see the elephant in the bottom right stick his trunk in the air while a feature is happening, you are guaranteed at least 5 additional feature "actions". So anytime I play it, I'm like "get that trunk up elephant!"

  18. You ask questions and we cannot answer you 🙂 LOL

  19. nice hit !!!

  20. nice win bri

  21. You got a lot better play on this game than I did. I put $60 in max bet at $3 and did not get one spin that won anything.

  22. yes i had a great session of this game as well i pretty much made about $140 off the 60cent minimum with that yabba dabba bonus

  23. I've never been interested in this game but that was pretty impressive. Good win!

  24. Nice. I love watching this slot!

  25. Must be nice to play slots all day. Either rich or unemployed.

  26. Not max bet!!!

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