THE MUMMY Max Bet Slot machine Bonus. Big Win, Encore, Las Vegas

THE MUMMY Max Bet Slot machine Bonus. Big Win, Encore, Las Vegas

[ad_1] The Mummy progressive bonus at Encore on July 22nd, 2013. I love The Mummy slot and usually play it during each Vegas trip and won’t quit until they removed it from all the casinos or I get the top prize. 😉 To read my Las Vegas Trip Reports go to:
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  1. boy have the machines changed lol good video

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  3. I have seen lot of videos about mummy progressive slot and i am wondering if it is possible to win the grand jackpot.
    This is my explanation: There is 15 beetles.
    We have to score 32 Points.
    We have 5 shots at the beginning.
    I watched all the youtubers videos and i have the combination:
    The is : 3 x 1 space, 4×2 spaces, 4×3 spaces, 2×4 spaces, 1 x 5 spaces and finally the 1x 5 more shots. That makes the 15 possibilities.
    To win, we have to get the 5 more shots so we have 5-1 (for finding the 5more shots) + 5 (the 5 more shots) that make 9 possibilities to get 32.
    If we take the 9 greatest possibilities we have 1×5 spaces, 2×4 spaces, 4×3 spaces and 2×2 spaces that make 29 and not 32.

  4. thats good 100$ is good 😀

  5. awesome vidio thank you..

  6. U made more by uploading this video lol

  7. i like this slot machine. we have it here in the netherlands too, it looks the same but its a bit different. Here only one bar with progressive is shown in the wheel and minimum bet is here 0.80 euro. So here the smalles bet is almost the same as your max bet lol. Max bet here is about 50 dollar a spin

  8. Brent, I was playing this and one lady sat down next to me and got the bonus right away after 1.60 bet and got this progressive game.   She had made it to the major win and had about 4 picks left.  The next pick she picked a 1 and she was so bummed, but then she picked a extra 5 and she ended up to the top so yes you can pick a 1 and still make it to the top. 

  9. I also hate they don't show us what's under the scarabs. I didn't get vids on them but I've had some of the bonuses that have the rotating wilds give me some great hits and I suspect it's capable of giving out jackpot. Sorry you missed out on the Major, that sucks!

  10. Nice bonus.

  11. Thanks Dan, glad you enjoyed it. Before this slot was released to the casinos I played it at G2E and of course won the Top Progressive when it was for fake credits. LOL!

  12. No, they didn't show. I'm guessing you have to pick about perfect, with no '2' or '1' selections. You must also find the EXTRA 5 PICKS scarab.

  13. Nice! That was fun to watch…I may have missed it, but I did not see a reveal on the unpicked scarabs. Do you think it is possible that not every scarab picking progressive bonus can yield a top progressive? I want to play this when I see it. Great video!

  14. Nice shootin' er pickin'. Congrats.

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