The Raja Wins 6 Jackpots In A ROW Double Diamond @ Foxwoods Casino! | The Big Jackpot

The Raja Wins 6 Jackpots In A ROW Double Diamond @ Foxwoods Casino! | The Big Jackpot

[ad_1] Watch as The Raja wins 6 jackspots of different varieties in a row on the Double Diamond slot machine at Foxwoods Casino!

Scott aka «The Raja» likes to go gamble every week and we want you to share in the fun! Watch the Raja win on a slot machine bonus!

Foxwoods Casino
Mashantucket, CT


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The Raja is a high roller who shares his videos of slot machine wins from casinos across the country.  The Raja and his The Big Jackpot crew are always a good time, plus you will find plenty of BIG WINS, sometimes HUGE or MEGA BOOMS, and yes, even the occasional Progressive or Hand Pay Jackpot.  If you’re looking for us in the casino, you’ll typically find us playing on IGT Black Widow games, or wherever the bonuses take us!   If you have a favorite slot machine you’d like me or the crew to try, please feel free to suggest one in the comments section.
The purpose of this channel is not to advertise or promote gambling. We have fun sharing the experience of huge bonus rounds and big high limit slot jackpots.
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These videos are intended for 18+ only. If you have troubles with gambling, please seek help.
Know your limit and use a predetermined budget only.
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The Raja Wins 6 Jackpots In A ROW Double Diamond @ Foxwoods Casino! | The Big Jackpot


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  1. this machine has been removed…replaced with a different machine.

  2. Hater gon hate

  3. All those BOOMS for what? You're betting 300$ per spin, so why should 1500$ be a boom to you? Don't get it, I think you just like the Handpay music/ditty… good job for winning 5/10/20 times your bet on a single spin, that's absolutely amazing, never seen such big his. LOL

  4. Why do they call this a jackpot.To me a jackpot is the highest amount you can win on a machine.

  5. now hope u get the Double 7

  6. she needs to just stay by you so u can sign

  7. I llike Double D my favorite. This was juust publish.

  8. Haters are gonna hate. The raja is a successful business man who loves to gamble. He always says "don't play what you can't afford" so clearly the man can afford it. He's being nice enough to share his videos with us for entertainment and I for one greatly appreciate it. So thank you Scott, Brian, and T. Keep up the good work and just ignore the non-believers/jealous haters

  9. Very Entertaining!

  10. Why the excitement, his only getting back the money he played into the machine, I don't think those are really "boom's"..I've washed a few of his videos and that's what it seems to happen…I'm not a hater, just saying

  11. he will be homeless and search for a food one day if he continuesly plan like this.

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