The Supreme Court hands down a huge win for the AmeriCANS! Finally!

The Supreme Court hands down a huge win for the AmeriCANS! Finally!

[ad_1] Yesterday, the Supreme Court overruled the 9th Circus Court of Appeals, and determined that Trump is free to implement his Asylum plan. Now, Asylum Seekers will have to put in their Asylum claim in Mexico not at the US border. About damn time.


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  1. I live in Thailand now I have to go by there immigration laws if not I get deported USA is so ass backwards it’s not funny and the Thailand govt has no type of help for me either.

  2. Brother I hate to give you the bad news but it’s not going to do shit The banksters won’t let it they want to flood the country with people who need things guess who wins the Federal reserve system cartel Guess who losses the tax payers

  3. 9th circus court hahahaha

  4. Thank you Jericho for airing this message. Thank you for making a stand and your patriotism. Keep the faith, brother

  5. Liberals are the ones creating poverty and violence. They birth it, nurture it, and cultivate it. Then pretend to "help" those suffering from the damage they've done.

  6. Just a little fact check. The Texas Migrant Council, who are basically so far left they thought Mao was a John Bircher, said that illegals from Mexico come to the US to work, illegals from Central and South America come to the US for welfare benefits.

  7. If you understand how the US census works. Then you understand why Democrats love illegal immigration. They get to cheat the system gaining house seats and federal funding. They get government bids from the house and pay up their unfunded retirement benefits.

  8. Definitely NOT tired of winning!

  9. Whohoo Winning!

  10. I thought that it was already international law and a UN refugee protocol that refugees had to seek asylum in the first country they got to. I guess that, if you fly first class from your home country, the first country you get to might be Australia or the USA. It's strange how these things work.

  11. Yea… send them to Mexico. Asylum is asylum. First country these people escape to should be the burden of that country … it sure would wake up these countries as to the hardships but on our country!

  12. Trump said we'd win so much we'd get tired of winning…. gotta tell ya………. I ain't tired of it yet LOL.

  13. Jericho, you need to be on CNN or MSNBC or one of the other Socialist Pravda Brainwashing stations and go off on Fredo or one of their other psycho anchors.

  14. JG: PLEASE run for office!!!

  15. I can't believe there were 35 losers that gave this video a thumbs down.

  16. Who was the person in America to make the laws and rules up that this word is clean and that word is dirty I'd like to know I don't find that in the Bible about English words being spoken and how you're supposed to say them I don't see that in the Bible

  17. Oh and please excuse me some of my language was not ladylike but who made the true rules and shoe Authority who made up dirty words and clean words who's in charge of that LOL

  18. And guess what I'm not saying nothing against mr. Jericho green I love him he's so great and he makes my day he chairs me out makes me laugh but yes everybody's opinions and view we can think the same way and think the same route but if somebody does a little research and a different area they should share the information it should be free it's called Liberty

  19. The leftist whole agenda is for the New World Order the leftist agenda is working for Agenda 21 now they call a agenda 2030 look it up on YouTube Agenda 21 behind the green mask everything these demos are doing their working for the United Nations the New World Order plans they're trying to put them all in a fact why do you think California is hit so damn hard it's all in the jungle 21 plans that's why California is hit so hard

  20. Trying to open the American eyes and the ears up give it a chance listen to all different people all different views and opinions and make up your own mind in the end remember we still have Liberty at the moment for now I don't think it'll last that fucking long so get your study and research done now

  21. Americans let's put on your tinfoil hats let's get the show on the road and let's get the ball fucking rolling oh by the way it look up Jordan Maxwell the court system on YouTube about the English words that we use in the court system oh that's very interesting you better put your tinfoil hat on for that one it is an e y e opener and an earful oh I don't believe everything Jordan size by no means by no way but there he's got some amazing facts and amazing points not everything but he's got a lot of facts on certain issues when it comes to the English dictionary and the court system look it up Jordan Maxwell and it has to do with the court system

  22. I'm Mr Jericho you don't believe in conspiracy theorist but please do me one favor would you please start off by watching Agenda 21 behind the green mask YouTube don't watch one video watch 6 to 10 of them get your input get your information then move on to a lot more videos these are not conspiracy theories their conspiracy facts facts Jericho I hope one day you put your tinfoil hat on lol love you you're so funny I just love your videos they crack me up because you tell it the way it is and you don't make no bones about it and I laughed my ass off

  23. , start research on YouTube start with the Catholic Church first and the Inquisition start with the New World Order start with Walter Veith New World Order YouTube you got your Freemasons your night them all tell you got all these organizations partners in crime

  24. There has been a inquisitions there has been revolutions who do you think some bombed religion and politics partners and Batman partners in crime I'm not saying every religion is a crime but you better watch what religion you're going to are you'll be screwed got to watch your back every which way you turn

  25. Wake up America do your history do your research not only between politicians and Nations you have to do it between your religion because religion has always found them bad in partnership with politics you know how people say politics and religion you can't talk about it bullshit motherfuker they found him bad hand-in-hand through history

  26. Look back on older videos was President Bush the son President Bush we need a new world order he says oh there's a lot of videos between Obama and Bush tons of videos even about socialism communism even Obama had a video made where he said middle class people don't need air conditioner they don't need a car they don't need to use their lights it was fucking ridiculous it was unbelievable is so communism as fucking unreal they're trying to turn us into communist socialist fascism State Nation and watch out for the noahide laws lookup noahide laws on YouTube and research them well it sounds good but it's really really bad if you worship Jesus Christ your heads getting cut the fuck off they got in the document paper they will cut your head off

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