THE WALKING DEAD 2 Slot Machine Max Bet Bonus & HUGE LINE HIT | Live Slot Play w/NG Slot

THE WALKING DEAD 2 Slot Machine Max Bet Bonus & HUGE LINE HIT | Live Slot Play w/NG Slot

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22 комментария

  1. That big win was amazing.

  2. NG gambles everyday and his biggest jackpot ever was only 5k. kids take it from NG, dont gamble. bwahaha

  3. Nice line hit with the 6X multiplier, NG! Best of luck to you.

  4. Enjoyed it! Dan & Kristin

  5. You go NG. I’m always in you’re corner rooting for the “BIG WIN”

  6. I really want to see more handpay jackpots

  7. Awesome video as always my friend .Thank you for sharing. We have been watching your videos Daily as always even though I don't like this slot gives me goosebumps I still watching lol. Congrats on your nice win. Blessings to you and your lovely family always. Keep winning big good luck

  8. Nice hit! I've never had any luck on this version. The original was good to me.

  9. Hola amo tus vídeos, saludos de la costa sur de Jalisco mexico

  10. fantastic video

  11. Nice run!

  12. Yes sir the mini challenge brother good morning

  13. Thanks for playing WD2. Always enjoy playing it…win or lose.

  14. Nice line hit brother! 2019 is the year! Smash that monster hand pay on TWD! I had to re edit 1 of 2 I posted last night. I will repost it this evening. Check it out after 5pm

  15. WOW that was so close on the picks the grand jackpot the grand jackpot x3 that was very close to a massive win. Just one pick I know it didn't pay what you wanted but was still good fun . Not a bad line hit kept you in play still, good job NG best of luck for the next game

  16. Ng great job again 🙂 amazing session wow

  17. Great video! Thanks for the entertainment!

  18. My favorite game it's tough no doubt about it but you did good with the line hit the bonus is hard but you ended up good bro keep them up

  19. I don’t typically play TWD even though I love the show but 1 Day I decided to try it, got the jackpot bonus and picked the Grand which was multiplied by 4 and won over $17,000.

  20. I felt like one of those freeks after my night of partying last night , I walked right to my bed minute later dead .lol .Happy hump day ng

  21. Good morning NG, Nice win I like to see all your vídeos

  22. Great win. to bad SDGUY123 gave u the mini!

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