The WALKING DEAD slot machine Max bet 5 BONUS SYMBOLS BIG WIN!

The WALKING DEAD slot machine Max bet 5 BONUS SYMBOLS BIG WIN!

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  1. I miss this game 🙁

  2. Wow

  3. I see alot off ppl bitching about the win because the person didn't hit big. But the person had $19.75 left when they hit the bonus. To turn it all around to $498.15 is a win to me. And the person probably played $100 so its still a win. Look at the bigger picture sometimes. Dont get lost in this world with wanting to win big all the time because thats how ppl come up, lose it all & go home broke all in the same night. Its ppl at my job have won $10,000 to $40,000 in one day but lost it all because they wanted it all. Sometimes u just have to take what u can & be happy. I tell u this, if GOD or Lady Luck bless me with some nice cash, Im not going home broke. The casino will be there for another day…

  4. Not bad for a $300 spin.

  5. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot
    Hot Hot Hot Hot
    Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot
    U R

  6. Ugh cdc wheel but good hit anyway

  7. Lol that cdc wheel blows

  8. These games are so fucking stupid, now they have The Walking Dead slot machines for The Walking Dead

  9. Wow that was very riveting

  10. good win.

  11. AWESOME Win . I never play this slot. i will try it,i play only 2

  12. how did you win that much crap

  13. reel 6 omg….that 4k gotta happen!!!!

  14. you think you're gonna get something good on that big wheel and it just creeps on to something crappy

  15. CDC wheel sucks cock


  17. Cool video. This is why I never play this game. The initial line-hit was cool, but the rest of the bonus was (comparatively) horrible. Thanks for providing further evidence for my aversion.

  18. Wow! By Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy standards, you hit the Jackpot! (Remind me again why we still bother???)

  19. hi do you live in palm springs area?

  20. love this game with all its bonuses within bonuses options, when it hits its great! great graphics too. congrats on your win. and the video editing is just as great

  21. lucky to have the 1cent version, last time i was at the casino it was set at 1$ per bet -_-

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