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✖THE WHEEL OF DEATH!!! ✖ CIRQUE DU SOLEIL — KOOZA ✖ BIG WIN ✖ [Slot Machine Big Win Bonus]

✖THE WHEEL OF DEATH!!! ✖ CIRQUE DU SOLEIL — KOOZA ✖ BIG WIN ✖ [Slot Machine Big Win Bonus]


I’m VegasLowRoller and this is my ✖THE WHEEL OF DEATH!!! ✖ CIRQUE DU SOLEIL — KOOZA ✖ BIG WIN ✖ [Slot Machine Big Win Bonus] video.
Filmed at the Fiesta Henderson Casino here in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Outro Music (used with permission): «Vegas Baby» by Jesse Allen Harris. Buy it on iTunes:

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I may not be a high roller, but you will find plenty of BIG WINS, sometimes a HUGE WIN, SUPER BIG WIN or MEGA BIG WIN, and yes, even the occasional PROGRESSIVE or HANDPAY JACKPOT here.

Whether you’re an avid gambler who enjoys playing slots regularly or even if you never gamble and just enjoy watching the occasional video of the pokies, I hope you will find my Youtube channel entertaining.

While you may see me gambling more often on WMS or Aristocrat games, I am a fan of all slot machines and go where the bonuses take me — and that includes Bally, Konami, Ainsworth, or IGT. If you have a favorite slot machine you’d like to try my hand at, please feel free to suggest one in the comments section and I will do my best to give it a shot!

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Thank you so much for watching and I hope you’ve enjoyed the video and decide to subscribe and stay.

— Vegas Low Roller [ad_2]

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  1. "What the hell just happened ?" LMAO — I can't even tell you how many times that came out of my mouth, playing this particular slot.

  2. It's like Slots + Mystery Science Theater 3000 ~~ LMAO ~~~ love it, you're hilarious 😀

  3. I got 150 on this machine today at JACK. lol. Walked in the front doors and the machine was on the left. Sat down, won. Not even five minutes in there. Got my ass out. I'll take it. Thanks, creepy ass clown!

  4. you are funny!

  5. Nice win….could u imagine wat the total would have bin in u were max betting

  6. I have been watching your vídeos and I'm enjoying them very much I don't know if someone has asked this question but what is the difference of a trademark slot

  7. Very intense emotional player, I wonder what your neighbors are saying hope they don't get annoyed yo, but you are funny lol. Thumbs up.

  8. I was at the paris a few years ago for a show,had a little time to kill.Started playing and decided to stop in 5 mins,it was getting late when I hit the Bonus round and it kept re-triggering until in the end I landed 141 free spins. YES I did make my show but barely…LOL. My wallet was very fat…but that was a good thing.

  9. that was fun watching you beat dianaevoni she was playing 3.00 a spin that always gives us hope when betting mid low.

  10. so funnny

  11. lol… you make me laugh watching you play and talking to the slots machines.

  12. You reminded me of my cousin from New Jersey. You guys are just too funny! For the first time, I played this game at Fantasy Springs this past weekend and got the 3 boxes first and won $60. Then the next spin I got the Bonus game with the Trickster and won $253.00. I didn't realize this is a fun game!

  13. Hey man, I'm heading to Vegas in a couple of weeks and want to try out this slot game — what casino is it located at? Thanks

  14. do you use your players card???

  15. lol you should be a slot commentator with random players , just sit next to them and start video-ing , ur funny just to watch . good luck

  16. I had to stop midway thru watching this video to let you know how much i am laughing at you and your 'i am the best at this game' and the '4 and 4 … 4 and 4 .. i love you.. oh no.. not 2 and 2 i hate you'. I think we must be related somewhere along the line lol keep making me smile!! best of luck!

  17. Hilarious!! Thanks for cheering me up again!!

  18. Hahahahaha I was so entertained by your play!!! This is my favorite slot machine and THE ONLY ONE I play in Vegas. Comon!! Cirque du Soleil!!!

  19. i love your stupid voices 🙂

  20. Audio off with video?  Audio seems a bit laggy?  Or is that just me?

  21. I can't stop laughing at your commentary. "Everyone is looking at me. They think I'm crazy" LOL.

  22. sounds as if you were having fun…nice one

  23. Always fun to watch your videos.

  24. i have to i enjoy your videos more then any ones you make me laugh lol

  25. Man your a legend the way you do your commentary is epic do you have fb

  26. This is gonna be a stupid question but do you actually do minimum bets in all your videos?

  27. I enjoy your videos. Fun and entertaining and hardly any foul language, Thanks!

  28. The funniest. I love watching your videos! Good luck!

  29. "Everybody's staring at me because I'm crazy!" Funniest part of the video! Great win on a POS machine! 🙂

  30. you are funny

  31. was a belly laugh video.

    keep them coming. glad you won

  32. i couldnt stop laughing "Purple guy purple guyy, ooo hello huge win" LOL

  33. That was a blast to watch! Congrats!

  34. why do i think you look like seth rogen??

  35. Entertainment factor is great boomshakalaka.

  36. Actually you might be the best in the world on Cirque du Soleil Kooza — you're the best I've been so far anyway. lol

  37. I've been to cirque de soliel and it wasn't half as entertaining as listening to you play the slot. Once again showing why Vegas low roller is the best you tube slot channel thanks for sharing and stay lucky.

  38. You have come a long way VLR!!! Looks like a great game, thanks !!!

  39. Whoa! Who's luckier than you??? Unbelievable retriggers. Great win! Congrats.

  40. MULTIPLIERS!!!!! GIVE ME MULTIPLIERS!!!!!! LMAO! I love your vids. Never fail to make me laugh! Nice bonus!

  41. Very good sir! I'm taking a chance asking if you do any requests? I would like to see some Aruze and AGS slots as there aren't any in my area. Thank you in advance!


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