The White Stripes — ‘Seven Nation Army’

The White Stripes — ‘Seven Nation Army’

[ad_1] Directed by Alex & Martin


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  1. Okay people, now guess how many triangles were in this clip.

  2. Soy gay, y creo que Apu se va de los simpsons!

  3. We woont more

  4. Love the white stripes. But since this song "blew up" with a bunch of people that don't even listen to the white stripes, it's really ruined this song. Try blues or Icky.

  5. kill macron

  6. Who the fuck is Natalia? I came here for the music.

  7. The white strips are in the illuminati for sure

  8. I don't own equipment capable of playing this song as loudly as it needs to be played.


  10. Aaa quien más viene por Natalia sabe que :v pinche possers alv

  11. This song is stuck in my head

  12. Good music eh love

  13. Anthony joshua ~~

  14. 2018..

  15. I worked for the conservation department last summer trapping the invasive gypsy moth. A middle aged biologist on the crew swore this was our theme song as the first line was:
    “I’m gonna find a moth”

  16. Que desafinado credo sou fã de rock mas esperava mais desse vocalista

  17. It's amazing how the White Stripes created such amazing music with such simplicity. A single drum beat and a single guitar.

  18. Bf1

  19. Eegedcb on the keyb

  20. This song gave me vertigo

  21. We're playing this in band!

  22. Ok

  23. Illuminati

  24. 2018??

  25. Thanks to suicide squad

  26. La mamá del pulpomo!

  27. Idk why this song seems so much older than it actually is

  28. топ песня)))

  29. Quien es de argentina like si eres de argentina y pones en ingles

  30. Круто

  31. 2018 any one

  32. Natalia ot

  33. 2018 ?

  34. BattleF

  35. When the bard invades a city

  36. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you: SECEN NATION ARMY! Cinema dude proudly sponsored by ILLUMINATI! This video has more triangles than a packet of corn chips

  37. Ang daming V ah…

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