Thermia Fractures Event Guide: Road to Opticor Vandal | Warframe

Thermia Fractures Event Guide: Road to Opticor Vandal | Warframe

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  1. How can I get your glyph?

  2. All these tedious fissures remind me of anal fissures… They are long, they hurt and I have to endure them over and over again to get a big gun to unload.

  3. >> Im sending you so many Mags. 15 times…..Jeez

    Love the content, short and sweet.

  4. Pc with worst spec: exist

    Me: goddamnit why must be at this time of month, WHY!!!!

  5. too bad opticor vandal is hot garbage

  6. this is actually the most boring, mind numbing goddamn horsecrap i've ever seen…
    and it doesnt fucking help that 90% of the time the damn thing just disapears for no reason…

  7. Thermia Fracture Event Guide for Dummies.

  8. someone already got opticor vandal on asia region
    i entered hydron to lvl up my grinlok and this one dude already start leveling opticor vandal on day 1 xD

  9. make another banshee video

  10. The mighty SEER > opticore

  11. Are you saying the BFG of this game a B FG version now?

    The fuck does it do? drop an actual nuke?

  12. About a 4-5 hour grind

  13. another shity event to the pile

  14. do you get the gun, or just the blueprint?

  15. Please kill me

  16. That janitor one hit me hard.

  17. a boring version of mobile defence

    but we doing this for that opticor vandal so fuck it

  18. Do this 15 more times and hope that the Coolant doesn't decide to dissapear

  19. How the hell do you have your inaros modded

  20. Cool another “event” for me to sleep through with Octavia

  21. Blade of the lotus banshee is so nice. Don't regret a single penny I put into that skin

  22. We don't deserve you, Shy. We really don't.


  24. You know Omni voice is going to make a video on the vandal. Could you please be Rhinos drug dealer/Loki’s “rival”?

  25. Look brothers, Another event that has nothing good and only serves as a distraction to the more important things, Ass.

    Muffled screams of pain

  26. Janitors have surprisingly high paying jobs and full benefits a lot of the time, I'd rather be a janitor than work food service. As far as I know there's actually a lot of competition to get a janitorial position.

  27. Yeah another plague star

  28. Hey everyone. I'd just like to warn you all that this version of the opticor actually has 400 damage compared to the regular one. They think they can justify this nerf by adding 3 more shots in the magazine, 4 more base crit chance, .1-2 higher crit multiplier, 10% more base status and about twice as fast firing time.

    Also notably the slash is only 80 damage of the 400. So slash procs still aren't very viable.

    And thus just thinking about it, sure, this allows you to not need to equip vile acceleration to make your shots faster. However since all mods are based off of the base damage and whatnot it certainly does not look like we'll be able to get better damage off of this "upgraded" opticor.

    If someone can do the math on it that'd be great, but until then please BEWARE grinding for this weakened opticor, as it does not suit what me and many people like about it, the DAMAGE. Go ahead and grind for it obviously if you still think it's worth it. I'm going to try it too but I think I'll be disappointed.

  29. Opticor Vandal. I'm terrified, the normal one is already op

  30. That pornhub intro

  31. "Thermia Fractures are a temporary distraction on your way to the grave" rofl. That's a good line.

  32. Thx ur the best

  33. This game is a fucking joke.

  34. I'll have you know I'm taking advanced janitor classes

  35. Shy is always so cold blooded, perfect.

  36. Plague Star 2:Electric Boogalo.

  37. What about Steve literally showing his butt on stream? That sweet sweet thicc Steve booty.

  38. All I'm gonna do is unistalling if I keep doing this melted shit any longer…

    Seriously, they better wake the fuck up. This is too stupid. Timed missions must die. How am I the only one that's pissed off about this recurring autism? Fuck no this ain't no retarded forum. I can be clear and cruel here.

  39. at least we get amalgam mods thrown at us on our way to opticor vandal
    Usain Volt gotta go faster with Amalgam Serration

  40. 0_0! Oookey.

  41. Ahh, the exploiter orb, the thing we should be able to fight but can't because DE has commitment issues.

  42. DE has really gotten lazy with operations lately.


  43. Quite shallow became QUITE active in recent week. SHITPOSTING FOR SHITPOSTING GOD! MEGS FOR THE MEGS THRONE!

  44. Opticor vandal is shit, base one still better

  45. How to get Opticor Vandal?
    -Grind more.
    -Guess what? Grind!

  46. Well that sums things up pretty well. Time to get a life!

  47. Actually, it's 58 times if you're doing perfect rotations non stop.

  48. I put comment here

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