Thursday Night CASINO Action!!!!!

Thursday Night CASINO Action!!!!!

[ad_1] Back after 5 weeks off streaming. I still had the odd gamble on sports and poker but thats about it. Seeing tonight if refreshed and ready to rekindle my love for all things casino!!

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  1. are you streaming tonight??

  2. Check out my white rabbit win I think it's the biggest on youtube!! Havent seen a bigger one

  3. This boy is rich ???

  4. Every time does great on slots then bk to table gone in minutes ha

  5. Streaming tonight mate?

  6. Such a good intro! Whats the name of the tune?

  7. Streaming tonight

  8. Hey Paul, last nights stream is not on twitch, is there anyway we can watch it?

  9. Did u stream today? On that new site?

  10. No win is ever enough

  11. Just played Book of Dead on 5€ bet.
    Got freespins with the explorer. Had a massive 1020x hit!! Get the fudge in there!!
    My biggest win ever!!

  12. Streaming today?

  13. Hurry up with the video calling out the ‘fake’ streamer! I have money on it being Dave labowski who I want to kick in nuts so bad!

  14. cracked me up, watched rock and rolla the other night, then saw the boy on here, then hit the casino and had my lucky 17 and 7 drop big on the roulette, must have been…..ummm…oh yeah….a fluke….nah, only joking. love you rock.x

  15. The guy says he is ending on a high note, and leaving the stream.
    And as soon as he says that, the lowlifes in the chat, shouting? Don't be a pussy and go on roulette, and put it all on, and redeposit and so on. Wow, really guys get a life.

    Why don't you do what he did, and play with your own money? No, I don't think you would.

    By the way Paul, I with you, and no gravy on KFC chicken. Not that I go there anyway, very rare. I think I have been in two times in my life.

  16. Still waiting and hoping for that friday stream to start 😉

  17. No streaming Tonight?

  18. Yo remind me so much of syco mike, the pipes & pints lead vocalist, awesome stream btw!

  19. Streaming tonight???

  20. I look every video of your…nice to see you back…

  21. We streaming tonight lad?

  22. KFC gravy on the chips, burger and chicken!! It’s amazing

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